Difference between X-Carve Core Components - [$292.00] vs. Shapeoko 2 Upgrade Kit - [$200.00]

Just wondering what the difference between "X-Carve Core Components "- [$292.00] vs. “Shapeoko 2 Upgrade Kit” - [$200.00]
I don’t see any details about what-contains-what.
I see some similar threads, but none with an answer. It would be REALLY nice for a configurator to give me packaged components that all work with 2 sized of kit (500mm and 1000mm) instead of noodling around with belt sizes until my shopping cart times out. Just sayin’!


Anything? * crickets chirping *
These 2 items are listed in the “Upgrade Shapeoko 2” section, so where do I begin?
does the “Core components” have $90 of stuff I don’t need? When either is picked, the same list of “you will still need” appears, most of which came with S2.
Just ordering Makerslide and Extrusions seems much cheaper, but i’d still like to know what i’m getting IF i decide to get the Upgrade kit…

Ready to buy, but not without some confirmation.

maybe you reuse your old endplates and whatnot.

Thanks Joe, It’s looking like that’s the quickest and cheapest path to expansion.

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I am sorry about the delay in responding. We are reluctant to post static lists of parts because they evolve over time and can confuse people when they are no longer accurate. That is why instructions and source files are done using on-line dynamic formats.

I am not sure of your exact question, but the SO2 upgrade kit contains enough belt for either size and it contains pulleys for the Z for both NEMA 17 and NEMA 23. The SO2 upgrade kit is cheaper because it leaves out all the parts and hardware you already have and all the labor to kit those tiny parts. We also built in a bit of discount for our loyal SO2 customers who want to upgrade.

Here’s all the parts that came in my ShapeOko 2 Upgrade Kit.

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Caleb, Thanks! That’s the answer I was looking for.

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