Dimensions between easel and the actual stock

I recently just got a second hand x carve and having issues with my designs. In Easel, i have the piece at exact dimensions (12"x7.25"x.75"). When i start the carve, the depth isn’t as deep as it should and the overall size of the carve is almost a third smaller than what the preview shows.

I’ve tried to uninstall the machine and reinstall it, checked the firm wear and still coming up with the same issue.

Any guidance will be very helpful.

You may have to change the grbl settings to adjust the distance moved per revolution of the motor. How to change the GRBL settings on the V-Carve - Software - Inventables Community Forum

Redo the Machine Setup within Easel (in the “Machine” menu at the top bar) and select the CORRECT year model of X-Carve. It appears that you likely selected the newer version while you are running the older version. This results in Easel pushing the incorrect calibration settings to the CNC and the issue you’ve described will result…

Here are the settings IF you want to set them back manually>>