Do I need a zip wire?

I purchased a DeWalt DWP611 for my X-Carve 1000mm and am unclear as to whether I need a zip wire or not? Can anyone clarify this for me?


You may find good information on following dicsussion.

Thanks for the response.

The assembly instructions for the wiring section say:

If you purchased a 24V or 48V spindle with your X-Carve kit now is a good time to attach the zip wire that will eventually power it. Pull the black and red wires away from each other and strip the ends leaving about 1/4” bare. Wire them into the bottom of the terminal block in the two spaces you left open. Use the left terminal for red and the right terminal for black.

I looked at the documentation that came with the DWP611 and did not see a reference to whether it is a 24 or 48v machine?

Thanks again.

U don’t need zip wire however if u plan to add a laser later on, u could run wire and tuck away . It can be used for that.