Do. Or do not. There is no try

Planning on cutting this on the weekend!! what type of wood should I use? soapstone would look awesome as well!!


Nothing too grainy like oak, no MDF (Painting is so hard), no poplar, no pine, no Plywood of course.
These are I have bad experiences.
I would use ;
Maple,Walnut or similar. Even you can use Corian.

Let’s see what others think.

What software are you planning to use to cut that? I’d love to try carving that for a friend to cheer him up…he’s going through some health issues.

That’s a preview from aspire , I can give u the gcode if u want for easel… it’s 1/8th inch bit for roughing , .5 mm tapered ball nose for finish pass.

Thanks. I don’t have aspire nor have i done any vcarving yet. I just got my first few enraving bits, 30/60/90degree degree vbits. I’m sure something like that would require regenerating tooltips specific to the bits ?

When I was looking at Aspire I couldn’t quite justify it yet. I’ve gone a bit wild with purchases the past 2 months getting stuff going. Hopefully some craft faires can make that …erm…less stress :wink:

I can just give you the g code to run with easel as long as you have the bits the v bit is .5" 60 deg

Ah unfortunately not. This is my 60degree


I can try to generate g code for that bit after I cut mine .

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That would be awesome! I appreciate the offer.

Techie question… Does Aspire perform a logarithmic scaling in the z axis in order to preserve the small details of the model (e.g. the wrinkles in Yoda’s skin would probably be flattened out completely if scaled the same as the overall scaling)?

Your details are great for the apparent overall depth!! Nice work.


Depends on how fine a bit you choose for the final pass I could get more detail with the .25 mm but but it changes the final pass time to 12 hours…

So I got bored and carved it in pine I’m actually quite impressed tons of fuzzies to clean before finishing…


I added the text and rectangle I found it on a website for $2.50


I found it had to go far back in email its on 50% off

Looks fantastic! Are you able to configure and share the GCODE as discussed? I’d love to give this a whirl!

I’m relocating all of my equipment into my new workshop once I get settled I will generate gcode for your bits.

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that is crazy awesome.

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I can just upload it right ? As long as I don’t sell it… I don’t care it was $2.50…

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