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Dogbones! I love 'em!

On V Carve, only possible dogbones is Bitsize /2. It is showing on the screen if you go smaller than that, but it’s not carving. Maybe some limit changes necessary on Grbl settings. I usually do Dove Tails, and pins corners are not 90 degree angle, they’re rounded, I put either Dogbones or T bones to Pin corners. If I’m using 0.125" bit, dogbones must be 0.0625.
If there is any way to do it smaller, I’d like to learn.

Sorry, you mentioned as Vcarve on bottom line, I thought you’re talking about V carve.

I agree with this! This is the way I had been drawing them in CAD before the app came out.

Hey guys, I wrote that app yesterday and you are absolutely right about the dogbones being slightly out of place. I actually wrote a blog post on this a while back, with a very similar diagram to what you have!

@AngusMcleod really good point about the offset depending on the angle, I wasn’t thinking about that at all. I’m going to make a fix for the right angle case (seems to be the common one).

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Alright I fixed the dogbone generator. Instead of creating a dogbone centered at the angle point, it is created at a point that is offset by the notchRadius / sqrt(2) in order to create the smallest possible deviation. Thanks for the tips on this @AngusMcleod.

I’ll put some more thought into the offset for more acute angles. My concern with that is with acute enough angles, there isn’t a ‘proper’ offset because the area is unreachable by the bit anyway.

My main reason for creating this was so that I could bring in designs from generators that are designed for laser cutters (i.e. no “inside corner” problems). I use Makercase a lot for creating custom boxes, and the finger joint function works great on a laser but not so great on a CNC because of the bit size. This app lets you take those finger joints and add dogbones so that the bit can fit. Now if someone would just make Makercase into an easel app, I would be forever in your debt.

This is how the plans come out of makercase:

And this is after running them through the “Dogbone generator” app:


I’m not seeing this fix.

Thanks, but that did not show me what I think he said was changed.

EDIT: nevermind, I was thinking of the wrong app with this response.

Actually you shouldn’t offset the imported paths, they are already offset to the appropriate amount.

Can you give a screenshot / drawing of what you are seeing vs. expecting?

Third from the top here. Does not seem to be as described above…

It looks like he took back that comment.

Edit: So, minimum dogbone has, or has not been implemented?

Hi @paulkaplan,

I might be doing a corner rounder app and was wondering if I might get access to the source for this dog bone app? I have a feeling it might inform how a corner rounder app could work.

I use firefox, so I just enable firebug, enable “net”, and look for the app to be loaded. The filename is normally something like “20.js”, depending on the app number. I think you can also do a similar thing with chrome. I think there is a github repository, but quick frankly looking at the source as it was loaded was far quicker for me.


Great to have dogbones in Easel :grinning:

Great if it had the option to choose between inches and metric. What about radiobuttons for the most used bits and an option to put in a custom dimension in a textbox?