Doors only option

I work in a custom cabinet shop and often we make doors and drawer faces batched separately from the cabinet boxes themselves. We also often have jobs that come through as reface kitchens where we are supplying doors and drawer faces to update existing kitchens. It would be very useful to have a doors/drawer face option to make these apart from the cabinet boxes.


I second this, that would indeed be a great option to have.

I agree with this option too.

Mark, Would you agree a Cabinet Box Only would also be a good option? I have started a thread on this idea too.

Robert, I’d agree this would make sense. I’ll look for the thread. Current format just erasing the door from the nest is a lot easier than vice versa though.

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I have maybe figured out a work-around for this. Change the door material to a different type of material than any of the other ones and when you click nest it should group all of your doors together. Does that make sense?

Edit: However you still have to draw out the cabinets. That doesn’t let you just put in door sizes and have it generate just doors.

-Jonathan Brasher

Wow… what a great experiment. I will have to try this and see how that works out. Thanks

It’s a good work around though!

Hey there Mark,

Thank you for sharing your feedback - it is incredibly important to our process! It’s so great to see the support and engagement from other members of our Easel Cabinetmaker community in this thread :slight_smile:

I’ll direct you to my reply to Robert’s post for more information! I’ve passed your feedback (and Robert’s) along to the rest of the team. We’ll keep you all updated as we make more progress on these efforts.

Have a great day!

– Natalie

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