Drill operation

There’s been some requests for a DRILL operation and I just wanted to start a new thread to underline the importance of this.

I would really love to see a drill operation task in Easel - sometimes you want to use special bits like for exampel a countersink or maybe a plain drill bit to create wholes. This is not possible in current version of easel.

Is this planned in the near future? If anyone want this as much as me please +1 this post!!!



Yes, this is something we recently started working on.


Great! Count me in to test this :smiley:

Please count me in too!

I came close to posting about this yesterday - glad you beat me to it. The example I thought of was drilling 32mm standard system 5mm shelf pin holes with a router bit as I currently do with my Festool LR32 system and router.

I’m down to have the ability as well. Can’t wait for it to be available.

Me too, me too please. That would be nice although spinning out a hole is not hard.
I also use GWizardEditor, that app is worth the cost, it has that and more built in and it makes it easy to write g code.
I edit all Easel G code in it to weed out bad moves so I don’t waste clamps.

I’d be interested in testing this if you need someone, I have a project that requires a few hundred holes! Thanks!

yay i’ll be interested too !

Yep, great idea!



@JeffTalbot and/or @Zach_Kaplan

Any info on this? There seems to be lots of support (myself included).

Thanks for all of your hard work!


Hi @TysonSwan thanks for checking in. I’ll send an email to the guy working on it to check status.


HI, Zach!

Any update?

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In the mean time you can use makercam.com it supports drill operations, I’m always excited when I open Easel and see a new update. Keep up the awesome work!

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+1 on the addition of a drill operation

This would be very useful. I have just produced a vacuum table for veneering and vac-forming using many small holes. Had to use small end mill and allow machine to cut slightly larger holes but it really gives the machine a work out as it jogs the X and Y steppers to cut the larger size.

Interestingly I have also been using the table for work holding on sheet material. I lay a sacrificial 3mm MDF sheet between the vacuum table and the sheet I am cutting (so I don’t damage the vacuum table). The vacuum draws through the MDF and maintains good vacuum holding on the work sheet. The holding power on the worksheet barely reduces as you cut through into the MDF since the MDF is sealing the vacuum holes.

I am also interested in this for drilling the tops of screen print vacuum tables, it’s one of the reasons I got the machine, and if I could do the tops as well as the innards that would be amazing (and really help out the non-profit I volunteer at ) A drill function would make this take a ton less time (and for working flat stock smaller holes are better or you see patterning in the ink). Please keep me posted on any progress with this function

I would also LOVE this feature… And need it for my projects.

Is this still being worked on?

Please Count me in as well! I am starting to make game boards, and I have to route the main piece then I “create a duplicate” and remove the outline and leave only the “holes” (which are actually a 5/8" round over bit for marbles) and have created super small circles with a depth of 1/8" where I can change out the bit and run a 2nd job on the piece before removing the finished piece.

It would be EXTREMELY helpful if you could tell Easel to route out all the routing work, then on the same job, return to home swap out the bit then finish the “Drill work” Would be a real time saver, and avoid the possibility of resetting the home position or something therefor skewing your completed work.

Thanks guys for an AWESOME piece of software and the new X-Carve… Simply Awesome!

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