Duplicate a procedure from VCarve

I want to duplicate this item using Easel.

If you have the data in that screenshot, I think you can export the gcode and then send it to the X-carve using Easel.

I have never done it myself though so I’m only speaking from what I’ve read on this forum.

Use the forum search tool, you may find more info than you ever wanted to know. =)

If you own Vcarve pro you export the G-Code and import it into Easel. Just make sure you have downloaded to post processor for Vcarve

There is a way but you will not like it.
Easel does not move the vbit up and down like V-carve does but there is a way to get a similar result.

You will need to create several overlapping shapes that represent each stage of the cut depth.
I have seen this with creating new hold down clamps and it works quite well.
Here is an example I created to show you.

Thanks for your input. Your sample gives me an idea, the fluting on the design is created using a 90 degree Vee bit. If I created overlapping paths starting at different points in line and depths but ending at the same point it would create a similar output a little chunky but maybe workable.

perhaps I’m misunderstanding the question…

you’ve got V-Carve Pro (based on the picture)… if you want to carve that using V-Bit carving methods, why not just save the tool paths and import the G-Code to Easel?
If you’re looking to manipulate the image in some way and still carve it using V carvng methods… manipulate it in V Carve Pro and (again) export the G-code to Easel…

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding what you are trying to do…

I’m a new X-Carve user and don’t know all of the tricks yet to get from here to there. I do have V-Carve Pro and that is where I found the project that I would like to create. I have been exporting SVG files to Easel to make what I have so far. That has worked for me but when I saved a file to do the part in the picture I got straight deep cuts not the ramped cuts that you see in the picture. What file type do you export from V-Carve Pro to get just G-Code and how do you get that into the X-Carve without using Easel? Sorry for the dumb questions but I’m a fast learner.

This discussion (and many others on the forum) can help you with the steps required to save your V-Carve tool paths into G-Code.
Once you have the .nc files saved, you can import them directly into easel.
usind the G-Code import tool in easel is one of the easiest ways to get V-carvings and other 3d carvings done


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