Dust Collector ventilation system?

I just received my 70 gal. 2 HP Industrial Dust Collector from harbor freight. I am going to create a suction vacuum system dust boot like for it. My question is does anyone have any suggestions on creating an air purifier system off of it? I have a better micron filter bag already for it. Would it help to have a big tube in the middle of the table or something to grab saw dust out of the air?

Thanks Ted

If you have a good dust boot you won’t need anything else. The dust isn’t being created anywhere else, so that’s where you should be focusing all the airflow. Splitting off airflow to grab dust at some arbitrary point is only going to make the entire system less effective.

That is a good point. I am just not a huge fan of any boots. Maybe it is my lack of skills with the machine but I like to watch what is going on.

Get or make a transparent boot. A lot of that going on in this thread.

Can you give a link to the bag you found. Want to swap mine out. Thanks in advance

Havent used it yet. It was recommended by someone else on here for me to get it.

A standalone air cleaner would be a good DIY project.