Dust shoe hose management

After months of silently benefiting from the wealth of experience and advice from the talented people on this forum, I decided to do something about my dust problems… I pulled the trigger (after looking at all my options, other peoples efforts and the plans online) andordered the SUCKIT MZD. It arrived today and I am pleased with the initial indications of it’s potential capabilities.

I now have to determine the best way to connect and route the hose so as not to bind or catch or generally interfere. My shop is my Garage SO (like all of my tools…out of necessity…) My X-Cave is mounted on a mobile base and although it has a place when in operation, it usually sleeps in different locations (based on current projects) Because it’s mobile and moved around a bit, I need a solution that takes this into account. I am considering an 1 1/2 hose adapted to the 1.75 hole in the shoe in order to add as little weight or encumbrance to the machine. my dilemma is that I need an efficient portable design and am at a loss… I messed around with a bungee cord supporting the hose from above, only to test the dust shoe, but quickly learned that that is a temporary and potentially dangerous solution (The wife inadvertently closed the garage door with the remote buried in her purse…)
I’ve looked all over the forum and although almost everyone has addressed dust shoes and dust collection… I have yet to see or read about anything similar to what I think I am looking for…

so…until I can figure out a solution, I am open to suggestions…

You can attach one pole to back of your work table and extend it to center of your X-Carve. That holds your hose. See pictures of mine.

My Big one also hanging from ceiling with flex bar. But you have Garage door and Wife alert.

Yeah… Hanging from the ceiling isn’t really an option. The bar mounted to the table is more what I am leaning towards… I’m sure I can even engineer it so that it is something that can be clamped (Screwed?) to the torsion box table in a manner that makes it foldable or easily removable…
Question… is that pole extruded bar stock?

Try this:

This also looks viable… Thanks

I’m probably going to have to look into grounding the tube also… static along the hose is something I’ve noticed lately with some of my other tools… Especially if I run the dust collector for extended periods of time. (Shopsmith dust vac)

No, just cheap aluminum bar, screwed to corner. Must be on either corner, X carriage will hit other ways. (Assuming you have table size like mine, if you have space behind, you can attach to center. Check X carriage by pushing all the way back-left-right.)

Box of bungee cords and key/id badge reels did the trick for me and works like charm.
I believe I got pack of this or similar back in a day …

While at it I think I got this grounding kit:

This is what I already had in my shop so I used it.

I just removed the collection hood and used zip ties to connect the hose to the mount.

One could easily make Something similar from other materials and using hinges so that it is fully collapsible. Works extremely well, especially on my 1800mm x 1000mm. A few design changes can make it work even better.

As for grounding the hose.

Rockler offers this type of hose In 4" and 2-1/2".

Here is a pic of my setup

Edit: For some reason the photos are not uploading. I will try again later.

So… Using your suggestions as inspiration, I have come up with something using parts and materials I already have on hand. The upright arm is actually the extrusions that come with the “Side Board” (A useless accessory, but I’m glad I had the parts on hand)
26049-04 Extrusion T-Slot 20x20 x 958mm and
26049-10 Extrusion T-Slot 20x20 x 250mm

It’s not the “easily portable” solution I was thinking about, but I think this will work well… You can see I formed the right angle using the Inventables corner brackets and it is mounted to the table using 4 L brackets, T-slot nuts, M5 hex screws and 1 1/2 inch wood screws… as suggested, I used a key/ID reel to tension the hose so it isn’t laying on the gantry, however I’ll likely need to get a heavy duty key reel as the one I have pictured is an ID reel and likely not going to be up to the task. I’m considering using the other T-slot extrusion to make a second arm near the back of the table, but for now I have a fiberglass rod zip tied to the hose to keep it in a somewhat upright position.
I haven’t yet thought about how to “anti-Static” the collection hose but will address that soon… Has ANYONE had issues with static buildup in their dust shoe systems… I really do NOT want static buildup to be an issue… I saved money for a long time to get this beautiful beast and am not fond of the idea of toasting a controller board or component.

I’m not entirely sure if even a heavy duty key retriever would be up to the task of managing your dust hose,
For me, And I tend to like somewhat complex solutions to simple problems, would set up a couple of pulleys , one at the end of the horizontal arm, and one at the top of the vertical post and use a 1/16" cable across them with a soup can or something similar hanging parallel to the post as a counter weight. You could add or subtract weight as needed to achieve just the right tension on the hose.

P.S. I like the re-purposing of “unneeded” components.

Sounds like the game Mousetrap.

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Too much like “Mouse Trap” Although I sincerely appreciate the input, the idea is to keep it as simple and portable as possible. Hanging pulleys and weights? That just seems like more to secure and store when I move the machine around the garage. 'll give the heavy duty Key Reel a try and see if I’m liking the results or not…

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Hello all, see my setup for my dust collector. I insert a 4’’ flexible conduit from the Dust Shoe to a Fein vaccum cleaner and its woorking ok.

Phil, see few more pictures of my set up, as you can see nothing fancy just a basic mounting with tie-rap, tape and a Fein vacuum cleaner. I bought this Fein Turbo-1 because its generate only 66db… Voilà…

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I find it rather odd that we buy a machine that allows us to ‘make’ stuff, yet many choose to ‘buy’ a stick to hold up a vacuum hose. Make the stick yourself and save some money. :wink:


Oh I know. I’m just ribbing folks. I’ve spent way too much time trying to make myself a dust boot. My wife has even said just go buy one. I just might…

I actually designed a crazy weird articulating arm that moves with the gantry to support the vacuum hose on my machine. It’s completely unnecessary, probably, but I needed something to do on a sunday morning.


No pics, no proof!:grinning:


Here’s my solution to dust hose management.

I have a very small garage and the hose hanging from the ceiling was annoying me; getting in the way when I needed to get something from the shelves behind the x-carve.

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