DW611 and Shapeoko 2 Z Axis Upgrade


I am going to bit the bullet and grab a 611 soon. I’ve currently been running the default spindle that came with the SO2. Yikes!

Looking around the Inventables website, I am trying to grab the Acme upgrade with the “undermount” type pulley connection. Does anyone know where I can get that little circular pulley? I don’t think it comes with the Acme upgrade.

Also, pseudo related: in priority order, which motors should be upgraded first from Nema 17 to 23?


I would think in order of priority, X, Ys and Z. Rationale being that the Z-axis doesn’t push a load persay, and is aided in its effort by the weight of the spindle. The Y axis has two motors doing the job and splitting the load, so the X doing its job all on its own should be first to benefit from the extra torque.

Very good to know! That is actually the direction I was headed. I’ll probably just replace the X and leave the Y’s and Z for much later.

Do you have any idea about the Acme Upgrade bottom mount setup? Maybe I need to page @Zach_Kaplan or someone else from Inventables?

I’m not entirely sure on that, but I believe you can get the pulley here: https://www.inventables.com/technologies/aluminum-gt2-pulley :smile:

I have the ACME on mine, and it works extremely well.

Yeah I really want it! They hold up for me is that I cannot find the small circular belt on Inventables website for sale…

You can find it on the Inventables site HERE

It’s also been discussed HERE, and they mention another source… Inventables is still out of stock on it.

EDIT, I just confirmed that www.SDP-SI.com (the other source mentioned) does have them in stock. Their part number is: A26R51M080060.

Yes! Thank you so much!

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