DXF import - object types and depth control

Q1: What kind of AutoCAD objects can be imported via the DXF import?

LWPOLYLINE width does not make imported object have "width"
POLYLINE width does not make imported object have "width"

Q2: In order to import a “solid filled” shape (like the Easel rectangle or star), what kind of AutoCAD object does it need to be?
Closed loop POLYLINE, LWPOLYLINE, SPLINE, CIRCLE can be changed from outline options to filled.

Q3: Also is there anyway to control the depth of cut via the import? Currently everything I have imported is a completely through the material cut.
Color 7 and 255 are through cuts. Color 250, 251, 252, 253, 254 are deep to less deep. All other colors based on their grey scale. Some colors are 0 depth cuts.

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I’m keeping the first post updated. I gathered some information from a thread that was started when the app was being developed. The rest has been just trial and error.

This was the app developping thread.

@JelleVanRegen @Zach_Kaplan @JeffTalbot is there anything further that you can add or has changed since the app was originally developped? I couldn’t find a “tutorial” or “help” that contained exactly which DXF entities would imported and how… so I made this thread for me to refer to.

Having POINT be a drill item would be great.

I am an AutoCAD guy so being able to design my parts there and importing directly to Easel is great.


Hi @JoeBcrafts! This is Jessie, community manager here at Inventables. Thank you for your feedback - we appreciate it!

The specific enhancement you’re looking for is something on our radar, but we currently don’t have a timetable around it. Looks like you were also able to get some help to convert your shapes to drill holes from Sean Mooney over on this thread.