DXF to SVG Converter

Just wondering what everyone uses to convert .dxf files to .svg. I’ve used Inkscape and I’m not a big fan, it might because I haven’t use it that much.

I use iDraw on my Mac, which is great and I really like using but it doesn’t have the ability to import .dxf files.

I’ve done a bit of searching and nothing has really stood out to me, looking forward to hearing what everyone else does!

I think Adobe illustrator works well for this.

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+1 for illustrator. But it’s the only thing I’ve used.

what are you generating dxf files with?

I currently use AutoCAD to generate .dxf files but in the future I may want to just accept .dxf files from clients. I’m not against Illustrator, it’s just a bit more than I would like to spend at the moment.

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I also am using Autocad and its worth noting that I have a lot of luck testing vectric’s CAD/CAM software which imports .dxf files no problem.

Yeah I definitely understand the cost thing. I use it nearly every day at work so it is worth it, just productivity wise, over Inkscape or other free programs. But to just use it for dxf wouldn’t be.

I’d love to see DXF import in Easel but it isn’t on the timeline right now. We are trying to develop easel towards supporting 3rd party plugins, since no matter how clever we are, the real power of a platform comes from the creativity and ingenuity of people trying to solve specific problems. We chose SVG as our initial import format in part because we are mostly designers and SVG is the “universal language” of vector design programs. Of course, however, DXF is the universal language of CAD.

PS if you are a developer and the idea of building apps on top of easel is interesting, let me know over email or PM. The Easel Platform SDK is in its nascent stage and we are looking for developers to test and give feedback (and create apps!) as it develops.

Has anyone tried this?

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Having the ability to get 3rd party apps would be amazing, there would definitely be some great things that come out of the community! I’m sure as soon as the feature goes live we will see a dxf importer in no time!

Using .svg isn’t a big deal as there is alot fo ways to convert to it. I could also just familiarise myself with more vector based programs, I don’t mind using iDraw, it’s just a different way of doing things and would need to get used to the workflow.

I haven’t used that, but Inkscape seems to be able to import dxf natively, I’m just not a big fan of Inkscape.

Looks like dxf2svg can just create straight up SVG files as well.

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@paulkaplan I gave some feedback over email with @chrisbalin about being interested in helping out with Easel in different forms. I’d also be interested in building an enclosure “builder” tool like makercase.com and/or automating design creation, creating parametric designs, etc. Open api and all sorts of things become possible. TY --Alex

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I would imagine that AutoCAD can create a SVG file (look under the printer options)

I am currently using the Free version of Draftsight (worse comes to worse you could always import the DFX outta AutoCAD and have Draftsight turn it into a SVG (under printers)

I’m pretty sure you can’t export to .svg with AutoCAD (I can double check when I get into work on Monday), but I know you can export to .eps and most vector editing software will allow you to import .eps files (which you can then export to .svg).

Open office “Draw” can import dfg and save as svg and edit in inkscape there are limitations on this from the program the dfg was created in but from my point of view it works with autodesk.

Just tried CloudConvert. It linked up (via Google) with my Google Drive. Converted DWG / DXF, just about anything to SVG.

I will have to give this a look, thanks!

Does this thing even work? I keep getting errors when attempting to extract Zip file.

Thanks, Phil. I actually got past that point a couple of minutes ago. Perhaps you may be able to advise me on something else.

The Inkscape measurement in of the Objects are correct. However, when I import into inkscape, the measurements are off by millimeters. Do, have you encountered this?

I have been trying different DXF to SVG methods to see where it may be going wrong. But, it all seems to be on the import to Easel.


Thank you, Sir. :smiley:

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Hey Phil, I’m cutting out states in the US and I’ve been using your method with some success, however, when I try to open or even import some dfx files, it gives me an error and will not import it into inkscape. Some work, some don’t. Any ideas on how to fix this?