Eagle Scout Pin Frame

Today was my nephews Eagle Scout Ceremony and I wanted to have something for him to display his Eagle Pin. I received mine almost 22 years ago and the pin sat in a box the whole time. I didn’t want his to have the same dreary experience. So using a .crv file that @ErikJenkins put in an older thread I carved the BSA symbol in Walnut and made a frame for his pin. The acrylic is removable from the top so he can get at the pin if needed. This was fun and I think after some adjustments in the design, I’ll make myself one. No Eagle badge should remain hidden :slight_smile:


Outstanding idea!

Now I want to make one for all the eagles in our Troop (002 Kennesaw). I think I will start with my sons Eagle pin.

That looks great!

OK i have to ask. For the eagle carving, where did you get the image. Did you make it yourself? Willing to share it? I ask because I have a coworker who has a son that is an eagle scout and we are about to carve him a chunk of live edge walnut and mount an arrow to it and he wants that exact eagle carved in the wood and i have come up empty handed on finding a suitable image.

What you did there is really impressive!! Was it with a 90 or 60 degree vbit?

Thanks everyone, it was fun and it made me think two sided while machining it.

@ChrisD : here is the link to Erik’s .crv file Boy Scout \ Cub Scout projects - help needed

I ran it with a 90 deg v-bit that was just over .5" in diameter. If you don’t have Vcarve, I can get you gcode but would need to know the size of the design needed and the type of bit you want to use.


I have aspire 8.5 so I should be good. Thanks!!

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Ha - yeah maybe I’ll be asking you for something - HAHAHA