Eagle with American Flag

I saw this online and though it looked good. I designed it then imported into Easel but have not cut it out yet, Thought y’all might like the file.


thanks Russell I added it to my future carve list!

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@RussellCrawford. Thank you. I’m going to carve it this week. If I remember correctly Stacy carved this one. It looked great. Thank you for sharing

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You’re welcome Steve and Phillip.
Good Luck

Very cool. Thanks! I can for sure think of some applications for it

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Thanks for sharing Russell :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing Russell !!

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My rendition
The strips will be pained black.


That came out very nice,“Black”?, I will have to see it when its done.
Are you using V Carve?

V carve desktop
I’m quite pleased how it turned out.
Still needs a little sanding and finishing.

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That will be the next thing I buy, V Carve desktop, I hear great things about it.

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Please share after painting!

Is the V Carve desktop what allowed you to make more of a 3D touch on the eagle?

This is a rendering of what it will look look like after painting.


I will also paint the eye black.

I will post a picture when complete.

You probably cant tell…I’m geeked.

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I can tell :smiley:, I’m going to have to get some new bits when I get V Carve, where do you get your files?

I actually don’t remember where I got the eagle, but the star came from vectric.

Check out their website.

Actually, what inspired me was your initial post.
Thank you.

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@JanVanderlinden. Wow, I love what you did to it. The 3D eagle looks awesome!

My apologies.
The eagle, dish, and the star all come from vectric.
The eagle and dish, are part of the files provided when you buy the software.
I don’t know where my pea brain was last night when I “couldn’t remember”’.

Thank you.
I’m quite pleased how it turned out.
Today I start the finishing process.

@JanVanderlinden. I got to get Vcarve Desktop out and do this. Time is my biggest enemy. I have so many videos to get done and no time. Thanks for adding to my plate. You did a fantastic job!

Ok Russ,
I decided to go with red.
A couple more coats of poly and its done.
Any comments?