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Eagle with American Flag

Wow! Looks awesome

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I like the red better then the black. Good choice.

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Thank you all.
Now I should stop hijacking Russ’s thread.
It was certainly not my intention.

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No worries Jan, I think it came out great. I like the red. :grin:

So great. I should take the v carve plunge. The 2 5 D effect has so much more going on. Guess I need to start researching.

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Go to their website.
You can download a complete version of the software for free and play / learn it before you buy.
The only thing you cannot do is run tool paths

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Has anyone tried this in vcarve?

I would like to try it but I am 1 week into my machine and vcarve so I do have a way to go for sure.

I have been creating basic items and dropping into UGCS to get the feel.

I guess I just need to do more research to attempt it in Vcarve!

Thanks for all the assistance and advice you provide us newbies!

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I haven’t even cut one out in Easel yet, its on my to do list. But JanVanderlinden used Vcarve to cut one out that is similar to the one that i did. Scroll us and you will see the pictures. Vcarve is on my want list.

this is Nice Russell . I plan to carve this in the future.

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Geek on gek op X- carbve

Post a picture when you do.
Good luck

Is there a link or something or just save image as?

Scroll to the top of the post and I have the Easel file.
Edit: here is the SVG
Eagle with Flag

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what bit did you use to carve this?

Roughing was a .25 EM.
Finishing was a 6.2° TBEM with a .032 ball
V carving was a 90° V bit
Profile was a .25 EM

thanks for the info

What is the difference between easel and vcarve desktop?

I have never used easel.
It is controlled by inventables and you are tied to the internet.
Don’t get me wrong, Inventables is a great company.
I Simply will not have anything to do with the so called “cloud” (because there is no such thing) no matter what company offers it.
Vectric software you buy outright, is not tied to the internet, and are in complete control of your files and when and where you decide to work.
It is also a great company to do business with.
There is a learning curve but well worth it.


Appreciate the swift response! I briefly looked at it while reading this forum, but didn’t have time to play around with it.

Has anyone carved this yet and care to share photos.?