Easel cutout question

new learning curve of the night.

how would one cut out say the word “xcarve” on a board but instead of ingraving the wood with the word inverting the picture so it ingraves everything Around the letters and leaving the letters/what other designs i want to be higher then the background?

Choose fill for the text and Set the cut height of to 0" (zero) and the background to the depth you want the letters raised to.

How do you set the background depth? I have been playing around for 30 minutes and do not see how. Thanks!!

As an example, I have been making desk name plates for coworkers at work. The wood is 2"H X 12" W. I have been milling their name into it but want to try a relief cut(?) so that I mill out all the surrounding wood and leave their name raised. When I try the “send to back” it shows the same outcome as if I am just milling numbers.

So…the opposite of the photo above is the result I’m wanting.

Select all text you want to cut around and “Bring to front” from the drop down menu and set the cut height to zero

When I select the font and “bring to front” and select DOC as zero, it just disappears because it is lined up with material know. I try to select material but am unable and do not see a setting to reduce that material height. I see your black rectangle behind that. How do I get that and the font in there at the same time? Thanks!!

Play with this easel file

Easel file

Thank you! I was able to grasp that concept and now can mill the relief. Great job all on the explanations.


Here’s another question. I imported a picture with writing. Is there a way to change it so that you can choose what part of the pic gets cut out? It’s a Santa Cruz skateboard logo. Want to keep the letters and cut out rest of the circle.

You might need to bring the image into a design program to separate the different parts, could you share the image?


Hopefully that link works

thanks so much. i kinda wanted the letters to stay and the rest of the circle to be cut down. is that somethat can be done with easel?

You’re welcome,and yes it can be done in Easel, I have all the parts separated so you can change the dept of cut. Let me know if this works out for you.
Good Luck

I have a similar question. I am a newbie and starting out with Easel and CNC routing.

I currently make this by hand with a jigsaw but want to be able to automate it and cut it with the CNC router. I just can’t figure out how to set it up in Easel.Capture

Check this one out - key word is monogram.

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