Easel developers - did I offend?

Yesterday I wrote asking if Easel would ever be re-designed or if the GUI could be improved to offer better usability. It must have touched a sensitive nerve because that post is nowhere to be found…the only evidence is this.

When clicked, I get this:

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Was it in the early access forum? I got the same thing when reloading a thread that I posted in.

I remember your post

I think it was before the launch of easel pro went live

but I do agree with you on what you said

I thought I wrote that in a new post, not in that subforum. Perhaps not. :(. I suppose I can rewrite it. :wink:

I say if you didnt get a pm from a member of Inventables staff then you should be able to go ahead and re-post it

thats just imo though

I think it will bring good discussion

Sorry for the confusion. I moved that thread into the early access subforum since it referred to Easel Pro prior to our public announcement. Since the early access subforum has been closed, I moved it back to the main Easel forum: