Easel Measuring Tool - Request for Feedback

Hello everyone – Our team is working on a measuring tool for Easel and we want your input!

Have you found yourself wishing for an easier way to measure distances and dimensions in Easel? Tell us about it! We want to know what you were making, what you were measuring, and why the measurement mattered in your workflow.

What’s the most important aspect of your ideal measuring tool? Do you utilllize measuring tools in other software? What types of measurement interactions would benefit you the most in Easel (e.g. snapping to shapes, vertical & horizontal dimensions, etc.)? We welcome any and all feedback!

very helpful

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Having tools to measure would be outstanding. The most useful first step in my option is to have a feature were you simple select two objects and the software calculates the distance between the two. There could be a pop up that lets you select which of the five points to measure from to the other object points. In other words select two objects and then select the center or edge point of each on a pop up and it shows the X,Y and diagonal distance.


This would be great tool to have especially if you could measure the distance between two point and measure the vertical distance of a curve from those two points.


I would like a measuring tool, in order to avoid carving into knots.
I’d like to measure the location of wood knots on my boards, and then accurately place them within Easel.


This would help out so much. Especially when recreating parts or pieces


I think one area, that a measuring tool for us may help… is when we are working with live edge boards.

So we can use it in a way that I can mark/measure the points of the live edge, or the non-straight edges in the wood, with the machine…

So I can then center, and adjust a design that is going on to the board, and maximize the natural layout of the material.