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Easel Pro Inconsistent Results

Hello, I have tried cutting a couple different designs in Easel Pro with different finishing results each time. These are just test cuts, but I am leery to prep a good piece of wood for a final project. The cuts are sloppy and I am getting random plunging holes in the design. I have cut the same project with the same settings, but the results are different. When I cut the same project without a Vbit, it turns out fine. I have had no problems using the Vbits for lettering. I really like the Pro version, but the results just seems unreliable. Anyone else experiencing this? Here are a few pics…


Can you share this Easel project?

Sure, link below

You have to make the project public. just sharing the link doesn’t work.

Okay, the link is shared now, my apologies.

Here is a pic of the project done with a straight bit, 1/16 rough and a 1/32 detail. And a pic of another project where I also had a random plunge hole. This one was the third attempt. For the first two attempts, there were numerous holes and several cuts were inconsistent. This one too, I ended cutting with a straight bit and it came out fine. Its too bad because the Vbits obviously look a lot better when cutting correctly.

Here is the link to it:

I’m having the same problem. I wonder why this is happening. On this sign, I ran the 60 detail bit 1st, then I ran the roughing pass.

I ran into the same thing doing a Pro carve. It was just one bad plunge but it was a small 5" x 7" sign.

Yea, its very frustrating, especially with all the wood prep time and the time taken to cut out the project… all for nothing in the end. I have also noticed that if you use too big of a roughing bit (to cut down on time) then the finished project seems sloppier with a lot more cleanup time…

There must be a bug with multi surface cuts. Cutting letters, it seems fine. Just these multi layered projects are problematic for Easel Pro.

Cant say I would necessarily want to pay the monthly price when results are hit or miss… Price is a little steep to just v-carving lettering. I really do like these added features, I just wish they were more reliable. Or a setting that I am missing…

There does seem to be a corresponding error in the toolpath. Maybe @JeffTalbot can take a look in the morning.

Could you provide a little info on your workflow? What software was used to draw? Was any drawn in Easel or all imported?

You’ve a number of unjoined paths in your project. I combined the 4 shapes making up the Roman numeral 2 and those errors are no longer showing up. The shapes framing the lettering are not joined. That can cause problems.

Thank you for the reply Jeff. It was drawn in InkSkape and imported into Easel. I was aware of the shapes framing the lettering not being joined; although I didnt realize it would cause problems. So, if there is an opportunity to combine points/objects, is that the preferred option? As you can tell, I am pretty new to this…

Every instance where I have had unexpected results in Easel it is due to something in my .svg. Maybe sometime we can do a best practices video or guide.

It’s worth the extra time to make the cleanest file possible for import.

Hi @TrevorR, @RayMacke, @IvanMcfarlan and others,

I’m sorry you’ve had problems with some of your v-carving projects. We will credit free carving days for anyone who has experienced an issue with incorrect tool paths. Just contact our customer success team and we can take care of it.

Our engineering team is looking into an issue where in certain cases due to numerical precision issues the path can sometimes plunge incorrectly straight down. We will get it fixed as soon as we can. In the meantime, we advise you to carefully inspect the tool paths before carving. The precision issue is sensitive and will often go away with even slight adjustments to the design.

I want to make it clear that we don’t view this as acceptable and we are working hard to make the v-carving tool paths rock solid reliable.


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Thanks Jeff. I just want you guys to know that I didn’t import or create anything with any other software. My carve was totally created in Easel Pro. I will create another one and see if I get the same results. Stay tuned…

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Anything that’s going to be called “pro” and charging money for, should have the bugs worked out before it’s put out to the public. Someone working as a pro and losing time making in their shops and wasting materials is not going to be properly compensated for the lost earnings, time and material costs with a free day of use of Easel Pro. They never completely worked the bugs out of Easel, and then they introduce a subscription version? Not good enough Inventables.

Hi Tom,

We take losses of this nature very seriously. We are working on a formal policy in this area for Easel Pro.


Nice to hear. But again, sounds like something that should have been done earlier. Looking forward to a finished, polished, reliable product someday.