Easel Pro Problems

I dnt know if it’s me. But their’s something wrong with Easel Pro. First it was the z prob not working. And now it want cut all the way through. all i want to do is cut some speaker rings. Plus i paid for the whole year. Let me be great.

From what i see. if i set it to cut 3/4. it cuts half of it.

Are they open today.

Basd on the picture… looks like you only went .39"… How thick is the wood? If it is 3/4"… (.75) … then it looks like it did exactly what you asked.

AmI missing something?


You can adjust the material thickness in the upper right hand corner. You have it set thinner than the actual thickness of your material. Here’s a screen shot zoomed in on the place to make the edit.

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We tried to cut the wood all the way through at .75 3/4 but it did not work. We also tried other materials in our starter pack but non of the settings in Easel provided us to be able to cut all the way through. We also having problems with the z-probe as well.

That was on thinner material still didnt cut all the way through.

about to start another cut. let me know if im doing something wrong.

If the cut depth is consistently not matching what is set in Easel, you might have an issue with your machine setup or your machine may not be calibrated correctly. Did you run through the setup walkthrough at http://easel.inventables.com/setup ?

i will do the setup over again.


Maybe this is my problem. i love to keep that pretty waste broad pretty. some i have a thin piece of mdf on top of my waste broad. what ever im about to cut. i have this thick mounting tape added to the wood im about to cut. by using the mounting tape. it adds more height.

How are you setting your z zero?

i was using the z prob. when i would use it. it would air cut. so i use a sheet of paper now.

I had issues with my zprobe when i first got it. The setup had the wrong size in the advanced setup. You might want to verify that as well…

Also, caliper your actual probe. If it isn’t 0.59" then it’ll air cut because it sets the Z zero at the wrong height.

Follow the steps linked to by Ron.

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What is the correct way to probe. With Probe or without.

Probe sits on the top of the material. That’s how Easel wants it. Other CAD/CAM programs will let you zero off the waste board but not Easel.