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And after carving with v60 missing sum lines

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Could it be something simple such as the waste board not being level or the bit was sllghtly off the surface at home?

Did you by chance see what the machine was doing in that area of the carve?


hey david I am curious why you are engraving that with a v-bit? there are alot of wide open spaces in that design and would do much better and quicker with a flat bottom bit

also the reason that its not carving is because the detail in the artwork is to small I would imagine

does your bit match exactly what easel says the bit is with things like

Included angle

I did engrave it with v-bit for 2 reasons.
Because the detail line in the artworks - and i thought to get them with the tip of the v-bit (I saw it in the MO’s video)
Second, it is a wonderful way not to worry about breaking your bits.

Sorry - I did not see what the machine was doing.

The only thing I can see from your photo was that it was the most thin lines on the project. The bit would have been running very shallow at that point and if the bed was off it could have been off the material.

Do you have a vbit with a true point? If your bit has a flat tip it will miss fine detail also.

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First time using the V-Carve option in Pro, using Shapeoko 2.

I normally use another V-carve program and export the Gcode with no issue.

This time I used Easel Pro and the results were interesting, please see the screen shot of the predicted tool path and then the photo of the actual cut. seems like it missed a bunch of areas and got hung up and finished the remainder all in one line… then returned to its home position below the hang up line in the bottom left corner

any ideas?

Easel Pro is SLOW. It won’t process any larger jobs, and just crashes if there’s lots of objects.

It worked great a week ago… now nothing. I’m pretty disappointed.

Hi Jeff,

Can you send me one of the larger jobs you are having trouble with so we can take a look?

Thanks, Phil

I invited you to a pm sent to David Altenburg

Thanks - I was going to pass it along to our software team to take a look so if you have a copy to David all good!