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It was officially released last night by Zach. I think you will begin to see a lot more about it. Also, give it a try. Remember you will have access to it to vcarve and use the fonts. Just remember to plan your work. Design all you want. Free carve four days a month.

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It was private and those that were members of the private access group kept it private as they all signed a non-discloser agreement before they could accept into that group.

this is public release now so everyone can be part of the group and from what I can tell the private group is no more.

yeah you know I got those emails and signed that nda but I never saw any secret forum that I had access to

They said I was a top easel user and wanted me to test

did I miss something? where was that secret forum?

when you accepted the email. you should have been sent to a page that you could accept the non-discloser agreement and then once that was made you could sign into easel and the pro features were available and you would have been in a group listed as Easel pro private.

sounds like you never accepted the non-discloser so you never got to use Easel Pro to evaluate.

It has not been launched yet.

what has not been launched yet?

A post was merged into an existing topic: Easel Pro Troubleshooting

The private forum.

There is going to be an Easel PRO only forum and it has not been set up yet.

I don’t know if the Easel PRO terms of use prevent the discussion of Easel PRO in this forum or not.

I see the Easel Pro forum as this is posted on that forum?
this Easel Pro forum is no longer private as it was listed as private before now it is not.
it seemed so simple to me at first but now it sounds like there is going to a different forum for Easel Pro?

I was an Easel Pro evaluator and was part of the private group now that group is gone and a public group is in its place.
guess I should stop trying to explain as others seem to have information about a newer forum that is going to be made in place of this one?

I got these messages and accepted the nda

There is going to be an Easel Pro “Subscribers” forum that will not be available to non-subscribers. It is not active yet.
This is my understanding of things.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of Easel PRO discussions show up on this forum unless Inventables prevents it with a terms of use restriction in the Easel PRO subscription.

I would expect the Easel PRO community will be much smaller than this one and why would you limit your access to knowledgeable people when you have an issue to resolve?

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yeah thats a good point

Inventables might have a inrush of calls on easel question with the pro release

because like I do with my other softwares I pay for I want a directly line of contact to the manufacture to get my questions answered right now

because if the jobs on the line it needs to get done and problems ironed out

This link is broken: “Which Easel Program Do I Need?”

I’m not saying that the new software isn’t worth paying for but @anonymous is correct. Look at any other professional software for any application and the developers are the support team. It only makes since and it is part of what you pay for.I don’t charge anyone for my free advice why should Inventables be able to do so? Because I chose to use their software and help others with it? It really sounds more like the forum is providing a service that Inventables should pay for. They are getting not only free tech support but are R&D.

I hate to keep pointing this out but Easel PRO is a long way from being a profession grade application. “PROs” don’t use software with this many limitations and they sure don’t use machines run by stepper motors controlled by web-based applications. Calling Easel a “PRO” software package is actually an insult to all the professionals out there.

In another thread it was stated @Zach_Kaplan that we are allowed to use other software to control our Inventables purchased equipment. This not only is completely false but is an insult to most of the people in the forums. The X-Carve is run by GRBL on an Arduino uno based system. To my knowledge there is no patented method for controlling stepper motors. In fact the first cnc machine i built was run by some simple LabView code and H-bridge chips. GRBL is by far the best way to do hobby cnc work and the real beauty of it is that it is free. We don’t have to use an Inventables controller or even their GRBL version and settings. Many of us chose to use Easel.

I can’t speak for anyone else but my purchase from Inventables was based solely on Easel and the community behind it. It wasn’t because i couldn’t figure it out how to build a cnc machine on my own because i have, twice. It is because i wanted to help Inventables bring this wonderful hobby to others. Not sharing information among free and PRO users really hinders progress of all parties involved.

Now when it comes to using Easel PRO, I will probably be a subscriber just because i want to see it grow. Really it is only $20 a month. It is strange that Easel Pro is double my gym membership. My gym has way more hardware and all the water I can drink. I guess i just expect a little more for my money.

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I agree with Phil. Inventables is all about open access, that should mean forums especially. As a business owner I have no need for a exclusive business forum or E-Pro Forum. This will become confusing.


very good point about the gym reference

I have been saying I think that they are on the right track its just premature