Easel ruins another project

After completing a successful carve on my project the machines returns to the starting point. Then Easel had a mind of its own again and descended down into the project and an carved a line across my entire project ruining it. I’v seen this same thing happen to other peoples projects. WHY ? Easel keeps raising their subscription price but not improving its reliability Help ! See my attached photo.


Can you share the project? To me, this does not look like an Easel issue, but if it is, the toolpath generation would show that toolpath within the material.

I am betting that this actually occurred on the traversal back to the Work Home position after completion of the carve. Looking closely at the carvings, it appears that the cut is getting deeper towards the right hand side (look at the difference in the helmets…). It could be that your wasteboard and machine travel are not coplainer, or it could be that you lost steps on the Z-Axis during the carve.

Also, you might want to check the “Safety Height” and more importantly, the “Origin Safety Height” settings located under Machine>General Settings. This would help to preclude the possibility of that being an issue. The default settings are both 0.15".


Brandon Parker


Thanks Brandon
I have no idea how to share my project with you. You sent me a link B4 on how to share but due to my lack of computer knowledge I couldn’t figure it out. I have had quite a few successful carves but every once in a while things get off course. The main reason I use Easel is to make personalized shut box games. Sometime during a carve the program will stop and I have to start over. I never feel confident when running a carve due to these glitches. Here are a few examples of good runs and glitches.

projects tab > share

In Easel go to Project > Share , and then Change it from “Private” to “Unlisted” then select the link that appears and copy it, then click save, then come back over here and paste the link.

Looking closely at your photo the Cut slowly gets deeper as it travels from the Helmet back to the origin, So I suspect that the Lead screw on the Z fell down, this can happen for a number of reasons, but its nearly always hardware… Typically its loose set screws on the lead screw pulley coupler that allows the Z to just fall down… Or a broken Z circle pulley… OR super loose pulley from the stepper screws coming loose and the stepper no longer holding tension on the pulley. :person_shrugging:

I have other reasons for doing so (some explained at the end of this paragraph)…
But I don’t use Easel to control my CNC, instead I export the gcode and use OpenBuilds Control to send the file. I don’t think your issues are related to Easels sender and I’ve never been able to confirm similar issues as a result. Typically it’s the entire loss of USB connection (and easel can’t remember my custom probe thickness, nor does it support XYZ probes…) Best CNC Software is OPENBUILDS CONTROL - Cool Features - YouTube

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Thanks Seth
After completing the carve I watched the router raise up and return to the lower left corner as you can see I installed a big emergency stop switch just let n case. I just happened to look away when the router dropped down and carve across my project again I’m a retired senior and my reaction time was to slow to hit the stop switch in time :joy: I checked the Z axis set screw it’s tight. I use universal G code sender because Milwright recommended it along with Easel. I will try to share my project with you. Maybe this CNC stuff is to complicated for this old guy. Thanks for your help.

So if youre runing through UGS then the other successful carves used the same gcode file or a new one? Just possibly ruling out that the gcode contained the fault… if the same gcode was used for the failed carve and the successful carve then the fault couldnt have been the gcode.

Regardless I have some concernt with the workpiece holding as the side pressure clamps can often allow the workpiece to lift up and get a unplanned carve from the workpiece moving…

I would also check that the z cannot be lifted or lowered by hand by pushing the spindle up or down.

Another possibility is the z stepper connection getting loose and looseing connection at the very last lift (very odd place.for this issue to occur though so chances are very slim this is the actual issue, but its possible)

Easel - sport sides Seth here’s my project

I checked my safety height per Brandon’s instruction, and it’s set at .015" I also can move my spindle up and down by hand there are six adjustable rollers on the Z axis I can try to adjust them. I try to keep my projects simple to avoid dilemmas like this. I find this all a little overwhelming due to my limited cnc knowledge. Thanks again for your help
Jim Tar

The project has not been shared publicly.

  1. Go to: Project>Share
  2. Select “Unlisted”
  3. Copy the URL that pops up in the textbox
  4. Press the Close button
  5. Paste the URL in a new post or update the one above.

Did you check the setscrews on the couplers?


Brandon Parker

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Were you able to view my project ?
Yes I checked the screws on the coupler they are tight. I enjoy using Easel but it freaks me out when weird things happen cause I don’t know how to correct them or what caused them. Would be great to have you as a neighbor then you could come over and actually see what the problem is. We could have a beer together. Thanks again
Jim Tar.

Per Brandon’s reply the project is not properly shared you must change it from a private project to an unlisted one or else only the link only works when someone logged into your easel account (you) click is. The rest of us see this when we click the link.

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After following Brandon’s instruction on posting my project to public view are you now able to view it
Jim Tar

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Yes, its shared now and the settings look fine.

I’m thinking its something physical with yhe machine that’s causing the z to not lift at the end…

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The same thing happens once in awhile to me. X-carve wanted to bore for oil at the home position. I think it is Internet Noise, or loss of internet that affects it sometimes. I stopped using Wireless and hooked my computer directly to my Modem. Have had fewer issues since than. Looking for a stand alone system. I use a laser attachment and use Lightburn Program not hooked to internet with no problems.

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Thanks Seth I appreciate the time you and Brandon took to help me solve my dilemma. I checked all the screws on my z axis and everything seems tight. I ran my project today and completed 2 sides with no problems. I’m kinda agreeing with John that it could be an Internet connectivity problem. I bought a new Dell laptop to us only with my CNC router and it does not have an internet port only Wi-Fi. I’m gonna order a adapter to convert USB to internet port and hard wire it to my router to see if that will help. Thanks again
Jim Tar.

I had the same issue ( I am running an X-carve pro)

and after several attempts we figured out it was the Firmware. since I received the firmware update i have ran hundreds of jobs without this issue. I did have to send several projects to customer support.

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Thanks John for your input. I have a Milwright Carve King 2 I also bought a new Dell laptop to use only with my CNC router. The laptop does not have an internet net port it only works with Wi-FI. There is a adapter available to use the USB port to connect hardwire to internet direct to router. I’m gonna order me one to see if it will make a difference. I just had my work shop wired with 4 separate 20 amp circuits so my laptop,controller,router and vacuum are all on separate circuits. I also had a whole house surge protector installed thinking maybe electrical spike can effect the CNC router. I also use a powered USB port. My last resort will be hardwire to router. Will see if it helps. Luckily my projects are simple so no big loss when a glitch happens every once in awhile. Just never feel relaxed when machine is running. Thanks John
Jim Tar.

You can actually carve using easel even with the internet turned off. You can put the computer in airplane mode and they’re will be no internet access to test this… easel doesn’t require internet to calculate the toolpaths or to carve.
So i kinda doubt the wifi is the issue :man_shrugging: