Easel travel away from the material and start cutting

Can any one explain why the router travel out from the material
and start cutting away fron the edge of the material
I have the staring point at the center of the circle

you need to set your file to public for us to see it

Is it not ok with the link above ?


No, under file —> Share select shared with link

I just did it.
Did I do something wrong ?

ok so your using a 300mm x 300mm stock correct? and are you setting your home starting point to the left bottom corner before?

The material is 300 x 300 mm in diameter
and I set the startpoint at the center

ok that’s the problem, you have your starting point set to left bottom. select your image then select the shape tab next to the cut tab and select the center dot

I have done that but still it travel away from the material

when you press simulate and play, where does it show the bit starting from?

From the bottom

it keeps showing the bit starting from the left bottom corner. Looks like a bug in Easel. @Zach_Kaplan @JDM can you look at this, easel is not updating the starting point to the center start of the project.

Sound right with a bugg
Any suggestion of action

I included the guys who can have the developers look into it, I’m sure they will respond to the thread when they log on today. in the mean time you can set your bit to the bottom left and it will work.

THank´s for the help Brian
I´ll wait for answer from them

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I think you have a flaw in your work flow.

If your design is as seen in the link and you jog spindle to the center of the design and make this your zero point…
…then Easel think your zero in the lower left, therefore moving approx 150mm up to the right.


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How do I solve this… do you know how ?

May I suggest you do exactly as before but use my revised project instead?

Place your router at your material center, zero at top of material and hit Carve using my version.