Engraving bit setup

I have my 1000mm Xcarve set up and am curious on how to set up and use the “v” shaped engraving bits. I’m not sure what to set the feed, speed or depth of the machine. I have oak, walnut, pine, and acrylic I can work with. Thanks!

There are topics on this already.

do a search for Speeds and feeds.

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I’m using the v shaped bit. Not a true v carve

There’s a difference? (Seriously, I’m new to all this.)

I just found F-Engrave a few days ago and have been playing with it. Easel won’t import the g-code so I use Grblweb to send it.

F-Engrave has a tutorial on v-carving that was insightful, notably, setting bit diameter to control plunge depth. I’m still playing with settings but here is my third attempt…