Engraving problem

I am having problems with engraving. I am currently using Vcarve, but I had the same problem when I used Fusion360 as well. In a nutshell when I engrave something that has a nearby vector that will also be engraved the tool path will “overlap”. Sorry if I’m not describing this very well, but I’m not real sure how else to say it. The images below are an example of what is happening. if you look closely at the “home” you can see that the spots inside the word that should be at the “zero” hieght, like the center of the O, aren’t. The center of the O, for example, is about 1-2 mm below the “surface”. Why is this happening???

Here is what I am using:
XCarve 1000 w/Xcontroller
VCarve / Fusion360
Amana RC45711 11/16" 90 degree Vbit
Z Probe.

I have confirmed the calibration for X, Y, and Z axes I use the probe to zero Z. I have confirmed that the bit truely is a 90 degree bit. I also ran the Z axis down to the waste board and moved the router around the whole board to confirm that the waste board is truely flat and it is. I feel like the only thing I haven’t done is put down some scrap wood and mill it flat before setting my piece on top of that… but I don’t think I should have to do that since the waste board is flat.

This is what the simulation looks like in Vcarve…

What type of toolpath are you generating? Try generating a V-Carve toolpath.

I knew I would forget to include something… That is the tool path I am using

A 90 degree bit may be too big for this design, do you have a 30 or 60 degree bit to try?

the only other vbit I have is a 18 degree bit, which I am pretty sure would be to small. However, even with a 90 degree, it shouldn’t have this problem… in the small areas it would just be very shallow. there shouldn’t be that overlap in the tool path which causes parts like the center of the O to be below the Z zero height.

Did you select the correct bit from your tool database?

ya, I had to create the bit… give me a second and I’ll pull up the specs of what I entered…

If you want, PM me the file and I can see how it looks for me and see if there is something that sticks out.

ya sure I can do that too. how do you PM on here? I am new to the forums

Click on my avatar/name and hit the message button.

Also post a screenshot of the tool in the database please.

I’ll message you the file also, but here is the tool specs

The file you sent me shows it as a v-bit, not an engraving bit…for the V-carve…

I tried it with a 90 degree engraving bit, the preview does look correct. It has to be something in the tool selection.

I see that now. I had originally built that bit as a vbit not an engraving bit. and it must not have updated the toolpath when I edited the tool. However, even as a vbit and not an engraving bit the specs on it are basically the same except the 0.01 flat area. so I shouldn’t have had that problem still, right?

It looks correct…as a v-bit or an engraving bit…

reduce the pass depth and stepover…but that should not give you the results you got…

It is a bit odd…I can try a test cut in the morning to see what I get…sorry I wasn’t more help…

It really looks like the bit size/angle is just not right…not in your file, but on the cut.

now you see my confusion too :slight_smile: thanks a lot for your help on this! when I was troubleshooting the problem myself I also made some small circles to engrave, with a flat (surface height) center, and I was still getting the same problem there too. Thanks again for your help so far

I’ll cut just the word home in the morning and see what I get.