Exploding Power supply

So, heres what happened.

Get everything wired up, get thru setup. Everything moves nice, etc. And then…
POP - PFFFFFFT Smoke shooting out of power supply.

I filed a support ticket, and opened the powersupply to notice one of the screws was loose and I believe caused an arc on the transformer <SADFACE 2>

And? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Power supply is dead as a doornail. Hoping to geet a new one

Which screw was loose?

If you take the top off the power supply, with the power screws towards you. In front of the transformer is a screw coming into the left, going thru a metal plate. It holds the plate still, it was very loose and the screw and the plate were “floppy”

Pics? Please.

There you go

The circled screw and plate were very loose

Not at all sure why that would cause an issue. @PhilJohnson @BobJewell

I dont see how the screw could be an issue as far as arching goes, it takes around 15kV to generate a spark across about 1/3". Are there two MOSFETS (rectifiers?) in the encircled area?

If so one of those could have been poor/defective and blew for “no apparent reason”.

Well it was looser before the pic, I did tighten it a little. It was all the way across those metal bars

Also, this is just an educated guess as to why it blew. To be honest I didnt see any charring on the board or components.

Well I was trying to figure out WHAT exploded, so I could do an RMA without doing the whole xController…

Also I have had several emails into support since thursday with no reply :frowning:

It was dramatic magic smoke, like a pop followed by a mini jet engine of pffffft.

Have patience they will get back to you. They are very good.

But But But But…
NOOOOOW! :slight_smile:

So close to playing.

Yes, I agree they have been awesome up til now, so no complaints.

I thought capacitor as well, what is a C107? I can check when I get home.


I know how ya feel, I sent an email on Saturday afternoon, heard back by Tuesday. i called in directly and Griffin was actually replying to my email at that time.

Got the info i needed, Placed and order for a part I needed and had it in my hands on Thursday.

Could have been omitted since the cap bank would be parallell. The PCB is probably made to be scaleable for different power capacities.