Favorite Bits

I always buy from Drillman1, and take rings off. It’s so easy. I made hole on wood piece just same size, inserting bit and knocking from top. It comes off.

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I might give this a shot. I’ve been frustrated by the rings myself, and hadn’t been able to get them off before. But the ability to cut all the way through a 3/4" thick piece of stock without buying longer bits would be great.

I have surfacing bit for 1/4" colette but it’s 3/4" not 1/2". It’s from Sears for $19.99. Sears also have 1/2" one sells $17.99 I didn’t buy. You can find from Sears online.

I’m using something pretty similar to you for surfacing my wasteboard. I got mine from Lowe’s for about $9. It worked great for surfacing.



Great to know. I always fail checking Lowe’s prices. Thanks.

I got a Skil V-carve bit there also that works well.

I ordered a 1/16 , 1/8 and 1/4 two flute downcut carbide endmills on eBay from Drillman1 the 1/16 and 1/8 were about $4 each and the 1/4 was about $10. They showed up a few days ago and I just used the 1/8 and I am very impressed.

I was cutting 3/4 inch poplar and it went through it like butter and the finish it left was perfect. (90 ipm with .1 DOC, Dewalt speed at 2)


Making Half Tone for my wife. (Our 37th Wedding anniversary)


Very nice, I was thinking about making one of those. Are you using a vbit?

Yes, V90. It is over 4 hours and still 2 more hours to go.

Have you tried the 1/16th down cut yet? I wondered how that would behave with the added stress of down cutting. Curious about feeds and speeds.

I have not used the 1/16 yet. I hope it works as well as it’s big brother.

Has anyone tried the 1/8" Dremel bits? Just wondering how they do.

I have a question: I have a a decent collection woodworking bits. I was wondering if any of them could be used when working with materials that they were designed for.
I know for detail work on things like ply I will need compression endmills… but for rough in and waste board flattening can I have a set of plunge straight bits in 1/4.

I am using a dewalt 611 router so does anyone have a list of type of bits are usable and which are best to avoid.

I also have a set of precision collets and a replacement precision nut for the dewalt. but wanted to see if what I already have can be used while I build up my endmill collection.

I’m trying to find Drillman1 on ebay w/o much luck. Can you help out with a link?


Here is a link to that seller


Thanks Allen

Guys, if you are V Carving fan, try this. It is unbelievable difference. I thought Rockler V Bit is good. Until try this Amana tool.



Loving these super cheap titanium coated bits from China. 1.8mm diameter, £1 each and cuts aluminium plate really cleanly without lubricant, without binding. Getting more.




Link? Thanks.