Feature request: User library of bits / materials

Continuing the discussion from Visual comprehensive list of bits that are crossed referenced with materials:

I had been thinking it would be nice to be able to manage a library of my own bits. That way I don’t have to manually override sizes every time I change one out.
The same applies for materials and feedrates.

On the upside (for Inventables) you can see what materials / tools we are using and be able to tailor support and supplies.


if you use a vetric product or fusion 360 you can build you tool library

But that wouldn’t provide Inventables feedback on what tools/materials we use. :wink:

I would love to see this feature, that ability to select a known tool from a drop down rather than entering the size in every job would be nice.

Did this end up happening? I’m just looking down the barrel of creating a tool library in Fusion360 for all the bits I bought from Inventables, and it’s a bit scary.

Fusion360 just updated the tool library and I’m not finding the smaller bits that I bought from Inventables and filling them in myself seems very dangerous as I’m new to CNC. If there were a way to load all the bits that this site/store offers that would be great. Fusion doesn’t seem to have the engrave, fishtails or the detail engraving bits info that would help me in creating my CAM g-code.


I would do some research and do some testing and build a tool library of your own

it will pay off in the long run

Personally I buy tools and run them threw threw paces in different situations and I learn alot by doing that

in the long run tooling will cost x3 times your machine so you want quality tools