[Feature Request] Vote for Chromebook as a PC for XCARVE

I haven’t ordered yet (just in the planning phase) but was wondering if I could use a Chromebook as my computing platform. I see that there is some stuff out there to run/program arduino on it (https://www.sparkfun.com/news/1803). Has anyone tried it? I’d prefer to use web based software.


Right now Easel local does not have a chrome app so you couldn’t use it to send jobs to the machine.

Is anyone else interested in using a chromebook?


Yes I am

I’ve got to find something to run mine when it comes, and I can get a Chrome book for less than I can get a winPC for, so yes. Add one to your “wants it” column.

Do you have your arduino connected to the chromebook? * know I can run any web based app on the Chrome but can I use it to send code to the aduino board?

No what i meant was Yes i am interested it Chromebooks being supported. Sorry for the confusion.

Basic laptops are pretty inexpensive now, you can pick up a 15 inch ASUS for under $200

I’m pretty sure I saw a g-code sender app for the chrome book at one point. I’m pretty sure I saw a list of grbl compatible g-code senders on the Shapeoko wiki, but I can’t seem to find it right now.

Found it HERE

Sorry to bring up a possible dead topic, but having Chromebooks / Chromeboxes as Easel controllers would be great - I work at a school and the cheapest and easiest thing that we would use is Chrome devices. We can have mobile labs that could cost 1/5th the cost of traditional PCs.

Yes I would be interested in using a chrome book/USB stick with chrome OS and use it to send gcode.

Reviving this again. Chrome (and by extension Chrome OS) has both USB and serial libraries. Chrome OS happily recognizes my X-Carve as a USB-serial device, and running BeagleTerm (a Chrome serial port app) yields a happy little grbl prompt, so from a feasibility standpoint, this is really straightforward. Even on a Mac where I just tested things out (El Capitan), I get scary security warnings when the system attempts to install the native driver. All these things would go away with a Chrome extension instead.

I have a Chromebox sitting around and would love to use it for the XCARVE!

Yes! I would love to use my Chromebook with Easel. I’m using a Mac from work right now, which isn’t ideal.


Just curious - is a gcode sender app available for Chromebooks now?


List of options here: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Communication_/_Control#Android

Here’s one that is available in the Chrome store - Chrome GCode Sender.

I’d like to be able to use my chrome book or my tablet to control the x-carve.

Common Chromebook

A little late to the game, but I thought i would toss my 2 cents worth in and see what happens.

For the last 10 months since getting my x-carve i have been using an RPi2 for my controller with grblweb first i was going through my tablet to setup and control it wirelessly, then we received a free chromebook and i love having that in the shop! No moving parts, no touch screen to get all scratched up and it ran grblweb wirelessly very well. Having the hotkeys for jogging is immensely helpful! That said, I am soon expecting my upgrade kit and was looking for how I could use the z-probe and it seems it works natively with easel. Grblweb and chrome gcode sender do not offer any probe use that i can see, so that part of the upgrade would almost be useless, i would have to bring my bulky laptop for gaming to the dirty shop again to run with it in any meaningful way. The easiest way would be if i could just use easel with the chromebook, my investment in the RPi would be defunct until i find another use for it, but that will happen either way i do things. So sign me up for a chromebook plugin/driver/app for easel please!