Fidget App - holes not cutting to size

So I sat down tonight to try the Fidget app. Set it with the default 3 arms. Checked my bearings and they are 21.7mm. The app has the circles cut to .866. Cut out my piece and the bearings will not fit. Checked the holes and they are coming out at .83 versus the .866 they are set to cut at. I have everything set to default in the fidget app. Is there anyway to set tolerance or am I just missing something? I using a 1/8 UC bit and cutting the circles on the outline as the app has by default.

Check the actual size of your bit. My 1/8" bits are not 1/8" exactly.

Good point. I didn’t even think of that. I just assumed they would be the correct size in mm. Mine are coming out 2.5mm and should be 3.2mm for a 1/8". Thank you @PatrickLesher