Adjuating Hole Size Between Carves

I am trying to cut a peg board of ¾" holes. As many have reported here my ¾" holes are being cut (with my Whiteside ¼" upcut bit) somwhere between .740"-.745".

When I go back into the project and adjust the size of each of the peg holes (one-at-a-time) to .76" or similar the second carve of the same holes is not centered on the center of the original holes - even when I tell Easel to use the previous X-Y zero. The new passes only seem to be taking material from the top corner of the existing holes - between 9 o’clock and noon.

Yes, I am being very careful to make sure that I am not bumping or otherwise disturbing the position of the router gantry. I’ve gone so far as to check the X-Y before subsequent passes and it seems to be exactly the same.

Any ideas from the experts here? Shouldn’t a second carve of the same hole be coaxial to the original? Maybe it isn’t safe to assume so? When I check the center origin of the holes they match the origin that they had before I adjusted them.

Thanks in advance!

Use the lego button on the left and offsetter v2.
Divide the amount you need to increase in half for this since its going to offset all the way around

So if going from 0.74" to 0.76" the offset amount to enter is 0.01" only.


Thanks, Seth I’ll try that. But, if the center of the hole is the same as the first attempt and the size increases equally in X and Y shouldn’t the cut be taken evenly from all sides of the resized hole?

See the diagram. I’m expecting “A” but I end up getting “B”.

Thanks again!


The issue causing B is that your 5 point is set to one of the corners instead of the center point.
Selecting the center point will correct this issue and result in the A alignment but would still require a one at a time size correction.

But using the offsetter v2 will actually let you select all holes and offset at once, resulting in the A alignment in one size correction, a much faster process…

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Thanks again, @SethCNC.

Yes, I verified that every time I adjusted the size of one of the holes. Still cut the way I showed in my diagram.

Any ideas? Should I call support?

If the circles are lined up concentric to their original circles in Easel but are being carved offset as noted in your diagram, then this is more likely an issue of the x,y not being aligned from one carve to the next.

Have you done this to lock the Steppers when the cnc is at Idle state?

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