Wrong Hole size

I am working on a project where i am cutting 400 holes that are .453" in diameter on the same board. Checker board pattern. However when i start cutting the holes only cut to .440". Why would it be doing that. I have double checked my work and everything is setup correctly. Is there a way i can highlight all the holes at one time to change the hole diameter? So basically if the machine is undercutting the hole by .013" can i highlight them all and change the diameter to .466"?


Some possible causes.
Feed too fast resulting in bit deflection.
Bit diameter not actually as stated.
Possible cures.
Repeat the cut before moving the material.
Tell the machine the bit is smaller and then it will cut larger path. Example your holes are .013 small so tell the machine the bit is .237 ipo .25


Cool thanks for the info. How do i tell the machine that it is a smaller bit?

You so that under Bit details, you can choose a custom diameter (in Easel)
If you use different program, most likely in the CAM-module.

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