Fidget Spinners?

Has anyone made a Fidget Spinner before?


Not personally, but these guys have some cool ideas

Making many they are selling good here. Getting ready to go to town for more supplies for a making of video.

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Unbelievable this forum is amazing


This is the one I am currently working on made from .25in aluminium with interference fit brass inserts. working on bearing caps then final polish. dust shields are left in bearing till final assembly to keep them clean during construction. These fidget spinners prove that a properly set up machine can do some pretty precise cutting. No sanding or grinding was required for the press fit inserts or the opening for the bearing. All cuts were to the specs. I needed to make the brass non removable but make the bearing opening just the right size to be able to remove it if need be for replacement

threw a quick polish on to get an idea


whats retail price range on these?

wood $10-20
metal $35-75
custom $25 a hour

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It seems like they are getting more popular. People are selling them on ETSY, Amazon, Kickstarter. This version did $6M on kickstarter!

Has anyone seen them in the wild (outside of this forum or making them yourself)?

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@ShaneBell It’s a good thing Nikola Tesla didn’t have one of those or people would be electrocuting themselves today…:sunglasses:


$6,465,690 to be exact… (on behalf of ocd’ers everywhere…). :wink:


I see them quite often mostly people that hang out at vape shops ( electronic cigarette shops). Now I am a supplier to some of those shops. Any one interested in making and selling check out the local vape shops and have a chat with the owner. with in a week or so I will be putting together a pack of cad files to sell on ebay. because of many inquiries on the files them selves.

I have some plans for a few special edition fidget spinners that no one has dreamed up yet.

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Fidget spinners seem to have come out of nowhere and now they are really heating up.

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Here’s my version. attached the ball bearing to a Clevis pin so i can use it as a key chain.

just so you know what some go for.

My gawd is that made from some famous machinist or something… Thats nuts

Should we have a contest to see who can set the record for highest price sale of fidget spinners?

I sold the one I made for $8. That’s the current record for this contest as far as I’m concerned.

Who’s in?


I sell.lots of my large bloodwpod spinners for $35 to $45 ( depending on bearing type) on Etsy and eBay

Sounds like I need to add a few more rules to the contest:

  1. The contest is limited to fidget spinners made on X-Carve or Carvey with Easel.

  2. You have to show proof that you sold it. I’ll post the Paypal page for my sale when I get to my computer.

  3. Sales must be between Dec 11th and Dec 31st.

Am I missing anything?

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Would currency matter? If I sold a spinner for 35$ canadian does it count for 35 or does it count for the 250$ it converts to American? :stuck_out_tongue:

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