I'm all Fidgety

If your not familiar with a ‘Fidget Toy’ or ‘Fidget Spinner’ you are not alone. I didn’t know anything about them until recently when they popped up as a featured collection on Thingiverse (http://www.thingiverse.com/glitchpudding/collections/fidget).

I did a quick google search and sure enough… its a ‘thing’. They are popular with the Pocket Collectible types (‘whats in my pocket today’ instagram groups).

You can find them on Etsy for $$$ and ebay for $… but it turns out they are a quick and easy project on the x-carve.

  1. order some 608ZZ Skate Bearings
  2. find a ‘Fidget Spinner’ you like on Thingiverse.
  3. Convert the STL (they will mostly be STL 3D files) to SVG
  4. Load the SVG into Easel…
  5. Cut…
  6. Fidget!


Nice going to be doing the same with my xcarve with fusion 360 for models.

these things are really popular I see…I don’t understand why but ok…lol

I don’t get it.
what is it?
what does it do?

basically it replaces twidling your tumbs…lol you spin it…thats all…it is supposed to beat boredom.

I didn’t get it wither… but this video kind of shows what they are

Its just a fun & quick thing to make on your x-carve. And they turn out 100x better looking then the 3D printed ones.

… and maybe you can sell a few :slight_smile:

The one i made last night (in the pictures above) has been played with a bunch by all my kids.

That is the strangest thing. Thanks for posting.


Sweet! I like the wavy profile. I recently posted mine over on the Carbide3D forums: http://community.carbide3d.com/t/spinner-fidget-in-walnut/3124

Very similar, but I made a 3-bearing straight one and a 4-bearing three-armed version out of walnut. What wood did you use?

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Ok… now I’M fidgety. I’m bringing this to work! Here is my version in 6061 aluminum with ceramic center bearing. It’s very spinny. Plus, the aluminum feels nice and stimulates my chakras.


@ChrisSader I thought the 3 bearing spinner i posted above was Chakte Viga. However, I found my actual block of Chakte Viga digging out the Zebra Wood i used on my 4 bearing spinner. So, due to my poor labeling i have no idea what wood i used for the first one :slight_smile: .

Here is my Zebra Wood one… My kid has be playing with it all day so its kind of banged up.

@Earwigger The aluminum one looks great! My kid has already asked if we can make one like that next :slight_smile:


I can’t stop spinning it. Spun it through the Vikings game (does not bring good luck), spun it fishing (does seem to work - two nice walleye). Fortunately, some kid just bought it for $40 so I’ll have to quit cold turkey. Unless I make another… WITH leds!


Here is my spinner, I have 5 or 6 of them laying around my desk at work and spin them while waiting for files to load


I don’t know Bob, I spent lots of time and money on that design and think I would have to charge to much to make my money back.

I’ll bet China has already copied Glenn’s design. :grinning:


Slow down your feeds and speeds… it’ll come.

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@GlennMDutcher Get Bent! I mean that as a friend! :smile:


How about the hand spinner as a conversation piece? A spinner that makes a statement. I give you…



@Earwigger I hope you are selling these on Etsy (or someplace). I would think the EDC nuts would eat that up for $$$$

I hope to find out!

Do you glue the bearings in or is it a pressure fit?