Finally bought my X-CARVE

Hey guys,

I just purchase my 1000mm x-carve on sunday. I know im going to be waiting awhile to receive all of the packages so i figured it would give me time to build a table for it.

Any bit of hints, tricks, does, and dont on the x carve, bits, material, anything and everything helps.

Thanks I look forward to getting creative

Making one like Targ’s cart!! foldable and mobile. perfect set up


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Bunch of good table ideas here as well.

I feel like many of those that actually build one to fold away never actually fold them away. :joy:

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well im sure it wont ever be folded away but it will be located in my spare bedroom so i want to be able to fit it thru the doors to take it outside of to another location. Other than that i would have made a flat table.

I’d recommend searching ‘Torsion Box’, but it looks like ‘Tortion’ will get you some good info on this forum.

I fold my table saw away, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get through my garage, so I am building a folding table for the X Carve for the very same reason. almost done, still needs the legs and maybe a nice stain applied.

can you share some pictures

Thankfully I’ve gotten most of the cutting done but wouldn’t be the first time I’ve cut myself making things. Lol

Made my table a little taller than most might like but didn’t want to have to bend down more than I have to. Never could find posted plans for the other guys table and he never responded to my emails. But if anyone is interested I can post my plans for this one and you can adjust for your space and liking

are you worried about it being front heavy since you have the over hang all on one side??

It will have a latch on the back as well as front legs that just haven’t been installed yet. I’m planning on trying to finish up most of the rest of it this Sunday. I’ll post additional pictures as I get things done

Stain applied Still thinking about how I was to add additional support for the front part. Whether I want to go with Legs or a star knob on the sides. But have a few days to think about it before I have to figure that out.

Pardon the mess I’m in the process of moving things around in the garage

what are the dimensions LxWxH


the table top is 44" x 44" H is 36" not including wheels overall length on table is 60"

Did the cut out Plans get posted somewhere?