Finally looking like an X-Carve again... well kind of

I hope it works out lol. I am by no means a Mechanical Engineer. I have another machine from SMW3D I’m using to make Parts/Projects. The X-Carve was my first CNC and 50… no more like 70% of this hobby for me is tinkering with the Machine. If it doesn’t work then I can always go back to what I have now.


Yeah half the fun is building machines

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will the cogwheel (the stell belt…) duno the right name in english… will be tooth upside or downside ?
i ask just in case you dint think about chips or dust going right in the tooth…

i hope you understand my crappy english…

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I plan to mount them on the side of the support rail under the Y axis rail. When I’m finished there will(I hope) be a plastic dust guard protecting it.

So that I am clear on what i am looking at… Is your machine utilizing your Y-Axis end plates, in addition to?:

(2) 1000mm Maker Slide
(3) 1000mm “Extra-Wide” Maker slide Extrusions

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Did you mill the internal plate (the one supporting Gantry Plate to Y-Axis Makerslide)? Or, did you buy it online?

Yes I’m using 3 wide makerslides with the old y rails under for looks/support and future mounting options. I’ll eventually have the R&P mounted to them. The internal Y plates are available in the Inventables store.

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May I ask what you mean by R&P?

No I tried for a while but couldn’t get all the spacers in. I’m planning on cutting some larger plates eventually to give more support to the Z axis. I’m also toying with adding a second X rail. Haven’t worked through how I want to accomplish that yet.

Maybe this will give you an idea.