Finally looking like an X-Carve again... well kind of

<img src="//discu" width=“690” height=“388”>


That’s kick ■■■!!!

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Thanks. I got the waste board and Z axis Idea from Phil. The new makerslides on the Y were what got me started on upgrade mode. Ended up tearing it almost all the way down. It’s been a pile of rails for a couple weeks.


Did you make the z axis or buy it? If you bought it can you give me a link to it or part list? I’m strongly considering upgrading the z axis.

Bought it off eBay. It’s pretty nice. Really good quality. While I would love to take credit for it here are a couple of posts around here of people changing over to it. If you search the forum for @PhilJohnson 's z upgrade he has a lot of detail. And the link.

If you do go with this Z axis you’ll need to do a lift of some kind to get ge full benefit of its travel range. As you can see I lifted the Y plates. Phil has a nice set of gantry lift plates he designed for his.

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Your assumption is correct. The top bolt is 75mm and the bottom is 80mm for the eccentric spacers. The aluminum spacers on the axle =33 mm. I couldn’t find a single spacer to fit that. The plates are $8 each in the Inventables store. I thought about cutting some but they were cheap and perfect so done deal lol.

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Any way you make a parts list and where you bought things from I really like the lift

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I’ll get one together.

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what a beast!
realy nices upgrades !

you are not affrait to hit the wast board with your bit ?

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My guess is that @CurtisCummings will be attaching t-track and some MDF or similar on top of that Aluminum plate. He is using the Aluminum to create a very rigid and solid base.

Like this: Phil's New Waste Board


Yep - that’s why I used it for my redesign as well.

I will be doing a waste board lol. That Aluminum plate would’nt last long with me at the controls.

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Awesome, Looks really good Curtis. The new wide y-makerslide paired with your modded x-plates should make a world of difference. How much taller did you make your y-plates?

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Your correct. 40mm I think. I thought through using a double XPlate for that reason. Seemed very doable , then I realized I would have to modify my base once again. There may be a way around that but I haven’t found one yet. It would have to be two Xplates on either side due to the motor. Moving it inside would cost even more room.

I made the new Y plates 8" tall. But I’m only getting about 3 inches of vertical lift for the XAxis. Because I have 40mm base rails I went down as well.

The Y Plates in the first pictures were the MDF mock up plates. Had to see if they would work before making Aluminum chips/breaking bits lol.

here are the fresh off he press Aluminum version.

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I think every construction project should be built on a platform stained with the blood of the maker. Nice touch.


I thought about the “L” shaped plate to move the Y rails out but wasn’t sure about the strength. It’s not that much roomnloss so I squashed it. But now you have me rethinking it lol.

I don’t see the belts anywhere in the photos.