Firmware issues

I updated the firmware via Easel on my 4x4.

I only use openbuilds for all of my carving, but after the update openbuilds will no longer find the GRBL on my machine and it fails to connect. How can I revert the firmware back to the original, or pre this march 14th version?

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I’ve seen quite a handful of reports of similar issues, in a nut shell it appears that the Easel firmware upload process is flawed and might appear to be successful when it is not. And the cnc will not only not work with OpenBuilds but will also not work through Easel either. And this is kinda where I gained the theory that the firmware uploader is having issues.

I don’t actually work for Inventables, just an avid user. . . So I suggest contacting support a the only way I’ve seen them be able to fix the issue is to remote in to your PC and then manually upload a new firmware using a different process outside of the Easel firmware uploader. So Either the version that’s in Easel is corrupt, OR the method used by Easel to send the file is not working properly… . . . BUT you’re not the first person I’ve seen pot about the issue (it’s been at least 6 people in the past couple weeks across various forums, mostly on FB)

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So apparently the update changes the baud rate of the machine to 57600. I don’t see that there is a way to change that in open builds.

Hmm, you can go to Device Manager>Ports and locate the USB port for the CNC and then in there you can alter the baud rate of the com port and set it back to 115,200…


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