First project help

I did my first project I’m all new to this and some seems like common sense and other times it seems so hard. I cut it on plywood as Seen in the picture. When it was almost done cutting it had about a minute left and it was all detached but it wasn’t done cutting so the project was shaking all around getting hit by the bit. I saw on a video they said theirs had notches that the machine left so it wouldn’t cut out fully so that doesn’t happen. However it was a very clean cut when finished it was so flimsy like from the dollar store. I’m sure it’s because it’s on plywood but is there a way to make the letting thicker do it doesn’t cut it so thinly! Thank you!

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You can use a different font.

Also look like the clamp is on backwards. The steps holding the wood down go up against the the steps on the aluminum triangle things.

You can use the Offsetter app to fatten that font up. You can also cheat and raise your dust boot up off the surface a bit so it only sucks the dust on the surface of your board. It should leave enough dust in the groove to hold it into place. I did thi yesterday on a large project I have started BUT that material is .75" thick.

With projects like this “TABS” are your best friend you can add as many as you need and move them around as well as change the size and thickness of them.

Thank you for your help I’ll try that!