Flags Flags Flags

This one did not turn out the way i wanted. I had to carve the stars 3 times wich made them larger then designed.
Not my best work but then again its hard for someone to complain about a free flag.


Speaking of flags, anyone have a good file for a waving/rippling american flag? I am experimenting with the 3d texture feature on Vcarve, but am not getting the look I am after. Looking to make anything similar to the one pictured here. Many different types out there, I just want to make some that look good with mt new XCarve. Thanks!


I saw a couple versions of that waiving flag not long ago. They look amazing! Wish I could help with what you’re wanting to know. Hopefully I can figure something along those lines out when I get my vcarve desktop

Sortakinda, but looking for more of just the flag with no pole, etc. Looking to make some wall art with it. You pointed me in a good direction though. Thanks.

Love making flag designs on the XCarve! Here are a few of mine.


Vet nice work! Looks like I will need to step my game up.

Are you using a thin plywood to back these?

I use 1x2’s and only carve 0.04" down. Plenty of stock left and didn’t see a need for a backer.

Here are a few Punisher Skulls I did with flags on them. Love the way they turned out!


I’ve had a few requests recently for the skulls like that, just haven’t got to them yet. Those look great man!

Those look great.

What material are those? How large are they?

They are made out of 1/2" MDF and 12" tall

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Try this link: http://easel.inventables.com/projects/x01rrYRr4xI5UW9CrNle-Q
Just make sure to delete the black outline border cut before you carve. Then add them back in and delete the flag portion to cut them free.

@JamesPowell You need to change it to public

Were you not able to get it from the link?

Try this: https://www.inventables.com/projects/punisher-skull-flag

Ah cool. So you are doing it as a 2 stage carve. On yours what bits are you using?

On this one you can get away with using a 1/8" bit for the entire piece.

It is not done but I wanted to share anyway. Thanks for the file!