Folding workspace

Here’s my take on the folding work table that Targ posted. I needed it to fold up and roll away for the snowy nights that I need to get my car in the garage, but really liked his drawers and fold up shelf idea. Instead of making the whole panel fold vertically, I mounted 3/4 of the CNC to a torsion box that’s on a heavy duty set of folding shelf brackets (up to 800 lbs). I would have preferred to have the whole thing mounted to the same surface, but I didn’t want the center of gravity out too far for stability, and I really wanted to be able to get more storage from the back for materials waiting to be used in projects. It’s on locking casters and very stable when the machine is running.


Very nice work.

Absolutely love your design. Do you have plans? Would be willing to buy plans. Please let me know. Thanks!

Look at this forum it has the design that GraysonDeblasi used with a lot of pictures, scroll down to Dec '18 and you can find the plans.
Good Luck and Stay Safe