G-Code import

I installed the Grbl post processor in order to import G-code into easel.
I can see the tool path after importing the G-code it is however in red color, if there is any meaning to it in the G-code import. Unfortunately, Carvey gives me the error “there is nothing to carve” message.
Any idea what I should be looking for to resolve this issue?


what program did you create the gcode in?

I used PhotoVcarve by Vectric with grbl post processor

hmmm I am not sure what the issue could be i use fusion 360 I would double check all your settings in vcarve and see if you find anything but really once you import into easel you cant do much you might look into universal gcode sender to run your code

I have the same issue. I’ve emailed tech support and will report here if they find a solution. I’m using Vectric Aspire (latest), Easel Driver (latest) and Easel Vectric Post Processor (latest.) The g-code render looks perfect in Easel (mine is blue, not red) and when you try to carve you get the message “There is nothing to carve”.

Thank you David. As you know you can read g-code in any text editor. We can also export g-code from Easle generated working files. I will try comparing grbl post processor code to the one generated by Easle and see the differences. Hopefully we could identify the issue. Or better off if Inventable get back to us with a solution.

This is the start of the G-Code that Aspire is generating through the Easel Vectric Post Processor.


PhotoVcarve doesn’t like the VCarve post processor. You might want to give these a try and see if this makes any difference.

Thank You Aaron. I tried the X_Carve with no success. It did changed the preview to blue color which I suspect means that the file is within specifications for the cutter (it was red in the Grbl post processor). I still get the message:
“There is nothing to carve”
“There are no objects in your design that can be carved with your current settings”
Clearly there is something to carve, since I can see it both emulated on the screen with its tool path and I can read (as text) when opening the g-code in a word processing. The file is simple, There are no ARC variables.

can you upload some test gCode maybe someone can spot something