X-Carve photo carving

I got in at 4:30 this morning, going to need some time to catch up.

If you’re still having issues with the PhotoVCarve stuff, you might check out @picengravertoo’s posts on their PicEngrave product, since they’re on the forum they might be able to give you some advice:

no problem Pete, when you fill like having a telephone discussion, give me a call please. I’m still backing up!

Peter, I got this reply from vectric, do you think this ‘chili pepper’ software will do any different?

You may need to choose a different post processor. Unfortunately, because we do not sell this software, we do not offer a post processor for it. Try a post processor that give you the most basic and simple gcode.

Chilipepper is not the post processor. They are talking about the post processor inside the PhotoVcarve. ChilliPepper or UGS only passes the gcode from the exported gcode file to the X-Carve

As I’ve said, I know less about this than most anything else I have ever done. Trying to learn it though.

The Post Processor is the part of a program that formats the gcode to work with a specific machine.
It is usually a separate file you select inside your CAD program.
So each piece of software that generates gcode may have its own set of post processors.

The post processors are needed because there have been so many machines over the decades, usual run by custom software, that do not follow the same standards. So the post processor formats the gcode for a specific style of machine. (more info)

In our case we need a post processor that will format gcode for Grbl

We eather need to find one that came with the software and select it.
Vectric: How can I find the correct post processor for my machine tool?

Or load our own and then select it
Vectric: Where do I look to find the Post Processors folder on my PC?

There are x-carve post processor files (one for inches and one for metric) for VCarve pro on the invetables product page.
They should be compatible with PhotoVCarve, You should give those a try.

I don’t think PhotoVCarve (at least not the demo) allows for adding additional post-processors. The “G Code Inches” post-processor should give you gcode that you can run on the machine. I think I saw a video where you were getting it to correctly cut the diagonal lines that it uses to cut the image, so I think the post-processor is working.

I haven’t come up to speed on your latest attempt, what problem are you encountering? Chilipeppr is an alternative to UGS, you’d use it to send your gcode to your machine, so if that’s where your problem is right now, you can certainly give it a try.

On a side note, there’s a lot of filming going on in Austin right now and I’m picking up a lot of overflow prop work, so I haven’t been keeping up with the forums very well. I’ll try to keep tabs on this thread to see what problems you’re running into.

One thing wrong with the “Gcode Inches” post processor is it doesn’t have a “G20” command in it. Vectric must assume if you choose the “inches” PP that you already have your machine set for inches. The PP files on Inventables have the correct commands.

Good news bad news.
Good News I was able to add the x-carve post processors to the PhotoVCarve demo

[EDIT] I just put them in the “PostP” folder in the PhotoVCave program folder.
On my computer is it located at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\PhotoVCarve Trial\PostP

Bad News they are not compatible. There is a error when it tries to load. It looks like PhotoVCarve does not use the ARC variable. Makes sense as it will not be carving circles. I will try commenting it out and see if I can get it to work.

I really don’t think there is anything wrong with using the standard gcode inches post processor in Photovcarve. As has been pointed out you just need to either manually send the G20 command before starting the file or just insert the G20 in the file after it is exported.

But the actual Gcode generated does exactly what is expected. I do not see how a different post processor would make any real difference.

Adjusting the parameters for the picture and using the correct bit are far more important to the final result.

Commenting out the ARC variables and commands cleared the error and I was able to use the modified x-carve post processor to generate gcode. It will need to be tested to make sure it works correctly.
Here they are if anyone wants them
X_Carve_PhotoVCarve_inch.pp (3.9 KB)
X_Carve_PhotoVCarve_mm.pp (3.9 KB)

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Here’s the finished test piece I told you about the other day! All in all, it came out okay.

I bought photovcarve ,I want to add post processing but when I start the program they give me error, and I cannot see xcarve gcode in the box.
Is there post processing for each programs,

Yes, there is an X-Carve post processor for photoVcarve. You can use the same post processor that is provided for Vcarve

can you send me this file

If you scroll up a few comments you will see that @AaronMatthews has already provided the post processor files you need.

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Thanks Allen, I saw it yesterday, I add this file , now it is work.

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What is the best wood for carving photos with photovcarve, what is the thickness.

I have found that wood with as little grain as possible (maple / basswood) works best for me…

Check out this video for more…

Hi my name is Jules. I’ve been using easel and my x carve for about 3 years now. I have tried many times to carve a photo on the x carve, with no success. I should tell you that I also own a Carvewright and I’m trying to achieve the same type of carve with the x carve. I purchased photo v carve and still have had no success. I finally purchased Simple Art from Simple CNC for $29.00 and with some experimenting and UGS I have gotten very close to the Same carve quality as the Carvewright. So if that is the type of photo carving your looking for I recommend Simple Art and UGS

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