Photovcarve post processor

where can i get the photovcarve post processor? just downloaded the trial version but i cant find the x-carve in post processor.thank you

X_Carve_mm.pp (3.9 KB) X_Carve_inch.pp (3.9 KB)

If those don’t work try these modified ones
(Photocarve doesn’t like the ARC variables)
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@AaronMatthews its working now,thank you.

Thanks Aaron, resolved my issue as well. Now if i only had my x carve out in the shop! Its on the way!

I know this is an old post (and I’m looking elsewhere for more data) but If I may ask, Does this Post Processor work for generating G code usable by Easel???

thanks for the quick response, however the link takes me to easel and easel posts an error stating that the project hasn’t been shared…

I can post the one I use when I get home… I actually used PhotoVcarve last night…

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Again, thanks for the rapid reply… I’m away from home so can’t try this file until later, (if I can get some free time away from honey-do in order to test new options)… Question, based on the file name, can I guess that this is the same PP that is used for VCarve Desktop (or Pro)…???

Michael5… All assistance is appreciated…

I can’t wait for the holidays to be over so I can burn the “Gift Projects” list and really start to test the limits of the X-Carve and experiment with other software. so far I have only really used VCarve 8.5 and Easel… I really want to mess around with some of the picture software and UGCS

I quickly outgrew Easel, I still use it today but only to import gcode. I have used UGCS in the past limited success (most likely something I am doing wrong). but to me, easel works great as a gcode sender… So far Aspire / Vcarve has worked well for me, anything I can think of works fine…

Sweet… then I should already have it on my computer (as I use VCarve to design and generate G-code for Easel)…

Thanks for the advice… I am sure I will continue to use Easel to send G-Code to the X-Controller, however I would still like to become more familiar with UGCS and other options… I am a hobbyist wood worker/wood turner and am NEW to CNC, but I am loving this machine and am itching to explore it’s boundries…

I just bought the photovcarve and i am not computer savvy. The computer asks me what i want to do with these do i just save them or is there a place i have toput them?