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Is there a way to send gcode back to the design phase. Reason i ask is I have installed the dewalt 611 gcode for the diverter. However I would like to make a few mods to it. The biggest would be to change the layout of where it actually starts to carve. As this morning I set up the machine as I have always and it went to the far right top and just buried itself like a mole. I use vcarve and just wanted to tweak a few things.

If I am understanding your question correctly. Just open your project in vCarve and make your changes. Then save the gcode again.

It would be difficult to make any substantial changes to the design by directly changing the gcode.

I tired doing that and vcarve could not find the file because of its “.nc” file.

Did you create the original file that the .nc was exported from?

The project file has a “CRV” extension

@Zach_Kaplan no I wasnt the original creator of the file.
@AllenMassey Sorry to sound well a little noobish but how were you able to find this out and how do I get the CRV extension?

Found the DXF file I’ll see what I can do. Thanks

If you’re interested, here’s the crv I created for 611 diverter. You can see my post about my system here.

DustShieldDiverter.crv (345.5 KB)

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Oh thats a good one also. I see that you had a thickness of .375 or 3/8" and this was plenty thick. Also I was thinking of using my 1/8" end mill.

I used a 1/8" single flute end mill to cut my parts. All of the other parameters are in the file.

I must be doing something wrong because it doesnt even come close to the part. I’ve left the file untouched and this happens

Looks like you managed to get a negative of the cut. Here’s how it looks in my file:

My finished product is identical and I’ve run it at least six times counting tests and finals.

Hmmm wonder how I did that? Any thoughts on how to change that?

Generally it means that you did not include the enclosing vector in the pocket cut or you have some “open” vectors in your geometry.

Simple Example: If I have a rectangle and a circle like below

If I only select the circle for the profile I get this:

But if I select the rectangle and the circle I get this:

It could be the PP (post processor) you’re choosing. As a test, here’s my gcode file:

Diverter_Only.v.nc (135.6 KB)

I set X0,Y0 to be the center of the project. Run my gcode and see what happens. By the way, the extension on my VCarve files is .v.nc That doesn’t affect anything - it’s just me being me. :smile:

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Agreed. But if he simply saved a gcode file based on the toolpaths in the file I posted, that would take care of that issue. Let’s see what happens when he uses my gcode file. I know it works.

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Fixed it. I’ll send my own pics of it later. Thanks for the file and it works great!!

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Finished it, First pic is of the material I used last is of the fianl product.

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Thank you for sharing the CRV file. It will save me a lot of time drawing one up on my own.

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