Grant Man 2 color HDPE sign

After 6 months of the X-Carve sitting idle (winter) I fired it up, did all the updates and let her rip and made this sign for a co-workers kid, it’s 2 color HDPE


Very nice! I hope your XC is more active this summer!

I hope so too!!!

That came our really nice. I’m sure your friend’s kid will enjoy this. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, I really like cutting HDPE, NO DUST and it cuts like butter.

Hmm wonder if I can find a good source for 2 color hope in canada. That looks cool!

Do any of you watch AvE on Youtube?

I thought that was a town in Maine? (No. Hope)

Damnit these Americans have tossed the devil on me and influenced me to spread the words of the devil.

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Hahahaha :stuck_out_tongue: I’t doesn’t help that I was taught in a french school, so I now also know butchered french. The same statement you said applies to french as well except 75% of the words are added.

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This is why I try and only speak Klingon.

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Próbáljon magyarul beszélni :smiley:


You forgot the one true universal language… Texan

Y’all have a good day now, ya hear!! Yee Haw!!


I live in Maryland… we don’t even pronounce our own state correctly.

Where in MD. I used to live on Kent Island.

KI is cool. I have done a solar installation out that way.

I’m on the other side in Clear Spring (outside of Hagerstown).

Hagerstown is nice too. Inrodenthrough on my way to Sturgis in 2014.

“Sorry Canada has no hope.” – sorry to disappoint you -

This looks very good. I’ve never heard of two-colour HDPE, where do you source it? I guess I could glue my own somehow.