Greats shoe store in Venice California

Ben Uyeda from HomeMade Modern is an architect turned woodworker turned general contractor. He was hired to design the flagship store for a shoe company called Greats. (

He did the design and build out in 20 days with two X-Carves running 8 hours a day. He had a small crew working with him and they made an impressive profit on the job.

Here are some pictures from the job.


Pretty cool. That is a lot of plywood and a lot of carving.

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It was made from the least expensive plywood sold at Home Depot.

Turned out cool that is all that matters. Cheaper the material the more money in his pocket.

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Sweet! @Zach_Kaplan, any idea how those are mounted?

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I believe the layers are glued and there are 2 wood screws at the top and the bottom that go through the pedestals into the wall.


I posted a video of the shoe store being made. Check it out!


Yea, I think his background is in architecture. He was going for Instagramable.

Bens IG is pretty awesome! I have been following him for some time!

Yea this is like if that staircase he made became a shoe store. I really like what he did with the shoebox inventory in the back. The design is clever.

I agree that the shoe box inventory was really clever! I like how you word that! “Yea this is like if that staircase he made became a shoe store.” Im glad he carried the design element of stacked plywood over into this project. It really shows how this design technique can be used across a range of different applications.

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Hey @AngusMcleod how much plywood are you talking about?

Save Material, Time, and Money Doing this?

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Homemademodern just put a video out on the project. its a cool project. I made a stacked ply cat feeder a few months ago. I love the look and I am planning on making some stacked ply furniture for my wife’s office.

After watching the video he could of saved like 1500 doing the nesting like this that’s crazy haha

@AngusMcleod My example was just to show the idea, I didn’t want to try to explain what I was thinking. I know it would take more cuts.

Angus where are you located??? Thats crazy expensive for ply!!!

I would guess the trade off is worth it!!!

Saint Lawrence Gap! had some fun times there.

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