$h homing in ugs

Sorry if this has been asked a million times but I searched the forum search function and just keep gettting g28 and " work home " toppics. I got some good advice from you guys in @TimVannaman 's homing thread but i don’t want to hi jack that.
My question is,
Is $h saved on the xcontroller the first time you set it up?
Can I just go to ugs and type in $h in the command bar and it will go to machine home position?
I know I can home it in easel bit do i have to do anything first in ugs? I want to set up soft limits and a bump stop with g28 .
Again sorry if its been asked a million times already.
Any help is really appreciated.

The purpose of homing is to synchronize the hardware with the software, in the case of the X-carve that software is grbl.

$H is a function of grbl and you get grbl to perform that function by having whatever control program you are using send a $H command to grbl.

Once you have homed the machine you do not have to do it again until you turn power off or have a malfunction that causes lost steps or positioning errors.

In order to use soft limits you have to home the machine each time you turn the machine on, or each time you recover from a positioning error.

G28 and G30 are also most effective if you home your machine. You can use them without homing if you are an expert user.

To your specific questions:

Never saved. Is only valid during the duration of your powered up session. Must home each time you power up.


No, You can operate your machine totally within Easel.

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Thanks @LarryM . So if I have this right,

1.I go to ugs, issue $h command - machine goes to my front left position.
2. Screw my work piece to the waste board and jog bit to where i want to start the carve .
3. Type $28.1 in the conmand bar- to save my g28
4 .load my bump stop L shape design g code.
5. Reset Zero my work position xyz
6 . Hit send
7. Take away the cut piece and leave the L shape screwed to my wasteboard and that will be my bumpstop.

It looks like that will be ok, depends on the g-code you will run. Ideally you would like to have your G28 X and Y set for the inside corner of your bump stop.

Don’t have your Z position in the G28.1 setting down near the material. As you change from job to job you are likely to have different material thickness and have to set your Work Z zero for each job.

Keep in mind that when executing the G28(G30) commands all axis move at the same time, so you want to have your Z out of the way before issuing the G28(G30) so that it will not hit any clamps or fixtures in your work area.

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Thanks again @LarryM. I’m going to make the bump stop in easel. When the carve finishes I’ll close easel and open up ugs, raise the z close to the top and then issue the $28.1 or $30.1 command.

Ohh @RobertCanning hall effect homing. I’ll have to google that. That sounds interesting :smile:

I run hall effect limit switches and they are great. Never had an issue with them.

Just seen a video of them on youtube, They look the job. I think I better learn the basics first lol